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John Cappello My name is John Cappello and I am a Visionary, Psychic, and Medium. Metaphysics is "the study of existence beyond the physical" and my work focuses on the positives of this philosophy. I believe we are physical and spiritual beings here on earth to glorify God and His Mercy. This is the very foundation of my work. It is an honor and a privilege to work with clients all over the world.

Open the Mind Exercise the Soul
is a 4-time 2013 Book Award Finalist and Winner!

2013 Next Generation Indie Book Award
North Texas Book Finalist Sticker
International Book Award Finalist Badge
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The nature of my work is very serious to me and working with those suffering from grief is especially moving. It is the area of greatest healing and change for them. My work, as a medium, is the most spiritual and is handled with great care and sensitivity. I offer:

I like people and focus my work on helping others with the development of their psychic skills. Some of the metaphysical services I provide are:

My site also provides psychic and metaphysical resources including:

My staff and I have worked hard to present a user friendly site for you to enjoy and to use as a reference. Thank you for visiting and if I can be of service to you please contact me.


John Cappello


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Certified by American Federation of Psychics and Mediums

3-Time 2013 Book Award
Finalist and Winner!

Open the Mind
Exercise the Soul

By John Cappello

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