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12 Signs You are having "psychic feelings"

You might not be into psychic stuff, but you may notice feelings that you just cannot explain. This fact, whether you know it or not, fits the definition of a psychic feeling impression. It may be another revelation that there are at least twelve types of these psychic feeling impressions that are worth noting.

These impressions are part of the psychic sense of clairsentience. This “clair” is specifically emotional information received from beyond the limits of the physical stimulation of your emotions. In other words, these feelings and sensations come from “out of the blue” or nowhere.

Physical Feeling or Manifestation

1) The first type of psychic feeling is a physical sensation. It may come to you as a twitch, itch, or another clue from your body that something is about to happen. Paying attention to these ques can be very helpful if you are willing to accept them.

You may notice a pattern of these (symbolic) moments and see what happens to your environment. There could be a timing element to them as well. This precognitive psychic feeling impression is a nudge from the Universe. It is a heads-up!

First Impression Feeling

2) When you meet someone for the first time you, hopefully, both want to make a good impression but when you have a sudden psychic feeling that does not “jive” with the nice smile and fancy shoes of your new companion, it is time to pay attention. This impression may need further review because if there is an “off” feeling then you may regret not acknowledging it.

First impressions are important, and you only get one so if you are trying to impress be genuine because rest assured your counterpart may be paying attention and peg you as a phony. You should have your radar up as well and keep your options open before you reveal too much information. Most people you meet will be genuine, but it is the person that sends strange signals that you will need to evaluate over time.

Feeling a Presence

3) The next type of feelings you may experience is that of “ feeling a presence” around you. It may appear “spooky” and it can be but it is usually a friendly ghost. It could be a loved one or an angel. Recognizing the way this presence makes you feel is important because if it makes you uncomfortable then you need it to sense you want it to get away from you!

This form of feelings is associated with being a natural medium. It is common and it should not be considered negative. You are a physical and spiritual being and when the physical body can no longer support your soul, the soul continues.

Remote Psychic Feelings

4) There are times when you can have a strange feeling and later learn that something happened to someone you knew or there was an unusual event that occurred at the time you had this odd sensation. These feelings are “remote feelings”.

Your remote feelings are the same as the feelings you experience in your empirical surroundings and those you feel when getting to get a sudden impression around another person that is not supported by any physical stimulus.

Precognitive Feelings

5) Sometimes you get the feeling that something is going to happen. These precognitive feelings may be nuanced like the physical sensations that you can receive. The feelings can be a sense of euphoria, sadness, nausea, or another emotion that stretches you from your normal feeling of normalcy.

Emotional precognition is a special part of being clairsentience. Paying attention and learning that feelings arising from “beyond the physical” teach you to be on guard for an upcoming event. Good or bad this message from the universe is helpful because it prepares you for the unknown.


6) Psychometry or psychic touch is within the realm of clairsentience. Physical stimulation like touching an object or walking into a room can evoke psychic feelings. A moment encountering a unique environment or an object, pet, other living object, sound print, or a person can allow your soul to capture a feeling that gives you information about a physical encounter.

The sensation of touch or having an experience with a sound “opens the door” for a psychic feeling moment. It is the touch of your psychic personal space that senses energy that is just an empirical encounter. Psychometry can be a tool for other psychic senses and give even further insightful information.

Revelation Feelings

7) Problems are often solved when an overwhelming feeling comes to you without dwelling on an issue. These feelings can be life-changing because they bring understanding, perception, and peace to you. When you have this type of psychic feeling moment you have the sense that you have grown emotionally.

Revelation comes to you in many ways but when it comes to you with emotion it can reverberate through your entire body. You may have noticed chills or a sense of having an electrical shock run through your body when you experience a moment of new consciousness. It fits the criteria of a psychic moment because it comes from the beyond.

Inspirational Feelings

8) Creativity can come in the form of psychic feelings. Inspiration comes in many ways and getting a feeling to make something new is very special. These feelings can be door openers for visualization or listening to guidance from loved ones and guides. Feelings like a need to change to another career can be a version of these types of feelings.

Feelings of creativity bring passion into a situation and they give you the drive to pursue positive results from them. Passion is the fuel to get things done. The spark is the “juice” of the first psychic feeling you received.

Channeled Feelings

9) The sensation that you are simply a vessel for information such as playing an instrument, speaking from a podium, writing, or even being an athlete acting with skill and precision can be a form of clairsentience. The euphoria and sense of being on “automatic” can be muscle memory but it is often guidance from loved ones, guides, and/or angels.

Feeling a spiritual or a Divine presence with you while you are engaged in an activity validates this psychic gift. Accepting you are the custodian of a talent or skill is recognition of the presence of the Divine. It is a humbling experience to bestow an extraordinary ability.

Empathic Feelings

10) Feeling illnesses, discontent around others, or feeling emotionally drained by other people in need is associated with clairsentience. When you are able to send healing energy to others it is a sign you are not only clairsentience but empathic. Empaths are another level of using clairsentience and developing your psychic abilities.

Empaths are people who have difficulty being in crowded places. They can be overwhelmed by negative energy and need to retreat to recharge. A consequence of being an empath and absorbing negativity is becoming introverted because you do not want to be around others.

Feeling Another Person's Aura

11) Auras are the electromagnetic field around you. You can “feel” another person’s Aura by your clairsentience. Spirituality, psychic abilities, truthfulness, compassion, optimism, creativity, and security can be felt by others indicating the type of Aura they are projecting.

These feelings are part of the attraction to others. You will learn that you are attracted to people with similar Auras because you have the same energy around you. It is natural to be with people who are like you. Auras can change quickly and so can your relationship with another person because of it.

Recalling Feelings from a Past Life

12) Finally, the last type of feelings you can experience with your clairsentience is that you have phantom feelings of a past you have not experienced in this life. Feelings of past lives are real and exploring them can help you discover hidden issues that you can address. Journaling or getting past life regression can be helpful in learning more about them.

Past lives are controversial, but the concept is becoming more accepted. You may find that allowing yourself to dwell on them can provide an explanation for issues in your life. The use of your clairsentience is just one way of exploring a possible past life or a feeling you have been someplace before.

Nuances of Clairsentience

Clairsentience is considered the first psychic sense because most people recognize feelings before noticing any other psychic sense. The psychic senses work together with the physical senses to gain the maximum awareness for you in your life. Acknowledging them, learning about them, and using them wisely is a healthy formula for a fulfilling life.

John Cappello, M.B.A., Psychic Medium, Author, and Radio/TV Talk Show Host. For more information go to


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