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What to Expect From a Psychic Reading(Plus How to Know You're talking to Someone Legit)

If you are at a point in your life where you believe a psychic reading can be beneficial then you should consider a few points before your consultation. A little bit of foresight and investigation should be used before hiring a psychic who will be potentially discussing issues that you are particularly vulnerable. A major aspect of your preparation is determining your expectations from a reading and choosing a practitioner who is competent.

Set Your Own Expectations

It is important to have some idea of the goals you want to achieve from a psychic appointment because there are no rules about the way a psychic gives information. You may want to write down questions you want answered before a session and see how many are answered without you asking them to the psychic. This is usually a good test on the talent of the person you are paying for a reading.

You should be aware that when you employ a psychic you are taking a risk. The information could be “spot on”, totally worthless, or somewhere in between. The chance you are taking is not the fault of the psychic and there needs to be a willingness to accept the information received.

Psychics do not force you to come to see them. You do not have to act upon the information they give you if you do not like it! Psychics are considered a form of entertainment and not “officially” counseling.

They are generally not certified from any formal organization and there is a measure of responsibility on your part when you hire them for a session. If you are not happy with your reading you can state that in a review of their work.

It is not a good practice to consult a psychic if you feel desperate about an issue in your life. The energy around the situation will not be stable and the chance of receiving good information is low. It is recommended to calm down and wait a bit before consulting a person who might influence the rest of your life!

Who Are Psychics?

A person who calls themselves a “psychic” is someone who senses energy “from beyond the physical” and gives insight into a client’s life and situation based on the range of their gifts. They achieve their results from various methods. You may have your preferences, but the main issue is accuracy and not the method used to attain answers.

Psychics can use tools such as Tarot Cards, Pendulums, Scrying, and other forms of divination to practice their trade. Other psychics may not use any tools except their own ability to sense the information you are seeking. It is not whether a psychic uses “tools” or does not use tools that is the determination whether the quality of their work is worthwhile.

Generally, psychics are spiritual people who have gifts they choose to share. They have good intentions and want to give insight to clients. A bad psychic is easily spotted.

Validation of Information

It is important to be able to validate information the psychic is receiving about you. A good psychic should be able to detect past events that have shaped your place in life, current events which may be the subject that you are seeking answers, and “a” future that surrounds you.

A psychic may be able to pick up information that you cannot verify but prove to be true after your session is over. It is these moments that add to the credibility of their work.

Psychics should have an accuracy level of 80 to 100 per cent with the information you can validate. Your confidence level increases when they have been accurate with past events that the psychic had no way of knowing. This may make a prediction about your future more credible.

You should realize that you have freedom of choice, and that energy can change in unpredictable ways. These factors can change the results of a reading. There are simply no absolutes!

Legitimacy of a Practitioner

Choosing a psychic and determining their legitimacy is about using a common-sense approach. Psychics are in business, and they should practice normal business behaviors such as having posted prices, a refund policy, business hours or a reasonable methodology to meet with them. The field of divination is filled with practitioners who range from being part-time to full-time individuals.

You can find legitimate psychics at psychic fairs, metaphysical stores, parties, in their homes, or in office buildings. They are everywhere and it is difficult to make a broad statement in this area.

It is a good practice to get references from others before choosing a psychic. Researching the psychic on the internet can be helpful. Realize that no one is perfect, but they should generally have good reviews.

You should choose a person who is affordable to you and has availability to meet with you on the phone, internet, or sometime in person.

Legitimacy is determined by the accuracy of the information of a situation, the attitude of the practitioner, and sincerity. A person who is not legitimate will be evident by their need to control their client by needing more money or by stating there is a curse on them that they are the only ones to remove. Psychics who try to create a dependency on them to make decisions in your life are usually suspect.

You should be able to tell if someone is just guessing or is legitimately sensing information.


Psychics are like any other profession in that some are great and some of them are just not that good! The range of accuracy could be low and depending on the information they give to you may not be very reliable. There are times when a good psychic for one person is not good for another individual.

If a psychic proves to have little accuracy over time, they will not be in business very long. It does not mean they are not trying to be legitimate. Psychics are generally very spiritual people who just want to help others.

The psychic community is changing but there remains a wide diversity of people in the profession. If you feel uncomfortable with a person claiming to be a psychic it is an indication that you should probably look for someone else. It is important to trust your own intuition and common-sense in these matters since the issues may be of great relevance to you.

John Cappello is a practicing psychic medium and author. For more information or to book a consultation go to his website at

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