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Full Body Aura Chakra Photo

This photo combines the information of both the Aura and Chakra photos. It does not include your image or is as detailed as the other types of photos, but it does give you a fuller description of your entire Aura and Chakra energies. This is often the most popular photo since it is the most comprehensive.

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The Aura is a magnetic field that all living things possess. It emanates from the body and can be an indicator of a person’s health and well-being. An Aura can be sensed by others with their psychic abilities or with an Aura camera that takes Aura photos.

Aura Photography is unlike any other photograph that you have taken in the past. The picture involves a photo of you but is more than just your image. A session with an Aura Camera involves placing your hand on a hand plate with sensors on it. These sensors measure the temperature of the areas of the hand that are on the hand plate. 

These temperature readings reflect your biorhythms and the software in the computer translates the information into color(s). The color(s) that are produced are cast around your image producing a depiction of your Aura.

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Seven Auric fields exist in a person’s Aura. These fields include the physical, emotional, mental, Astral body, etheric, celestial, and Causal aura planes. Each field plays a part in our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. An Aura photo can give you clues about your general well-being at a given moment in time.


The Aura colors and their general meanings are as follows:

Red: Strong-willed, sexual, initiative, competitive, powerful

Pink: Sensitive, loving, passionate

Orange: Creativity, detail-oriented

Yellow: Inspiration, Intelligence, problem solver, optimistic

Green:  Indicates healing, love-centered, a healer

Turquoise: Sensitivity, compassionate, sophisticated, loyal, joyful

Blue: Truthful, intuitive, generous, highly spiritual, caring

Indigo: Clairvoyant, sensitive, deep feelings

Violet: Wisest of all colors, visionary, futuristic, idealistic

Lavender: Imagination, daydreamer, etheric

Silver: Abundance materially and spiritually, receptive to new ideas

Gold: Receiving Divine guidance, protection, wisdom, inner knowledge, intuitive thinker

Black: Draws in negativity and consumes it. This can result in health issues.

White: Purity, spiritual, truthful, angelic qualities

Earth Colors: Grounded, love of the outdoors

Rainbows: A healer, star person

Pastels: Sensitive in nature and needing serenity

The Chakras

The Chakras are energy centers in the body and relate to the organs that are near them. A Chakra photo can give you an empirical representation of whether the Chakras are normal, over-active, or under-active.  A general reading accompanies each photo when you purchase one.

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