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John uses his psychic gifts to tune into your energy and to evaluate issues that surround you. The energies indicate questions that you have or a person who has crossed over into the spirit world. For best results, it is recommended to allow John to give you his initial assessment before you begin asking questions. If you have a question involving a decision you may be contemplating or if there are specific issues such as finances, children, relationships, career, or health, they may be evident to John prior to your asking questions. However, if you want to ask questions, you are welcome to do so.

Once the energy around you is identified, John may ask you some questions about whether he has made the correct evaluation of your situation. There are instances when an unrelated issue to your inquiry is identified, so it is important to address that situation first and then move on to the questions you have for the day. Psychic and mediumship readings are based on the energies presented at the time you come for your reading.

John’s in-person readings include the use of a technique called psychometry. This skill involves holding an object to read its imprinted information, and he may make use of it if you are looking for specific answers about loved ones or issues. Only bring objects that are related to those questions. If you are receiving a phone reading from John, he works with your voiceprint over the phone.

When to Purchase a Session?

Each psychic reading is unique, and it is suggested that you space your readings several months apart if you are trying to resolve an issue. Psychic readings involve sensing the events and circumstances surrounding your life and you. Sometimes, past events come up first because the energy surrounding them is strong. The message you received may not be fully revealed. Energy changes, but you should give your message a chance before you give up on a prediction. Chronic situations are not solved overnight, and many clients have reported that a prediction was not entirely fulfilled until years later. The point is that the reading was correct, just not in the preferable time frame.


When you receive a mediumship reading from John Cappello, he uses his psychic abilities to sense the presence of Spirits around you. The difference between a psychic reading and a mediumship reading is that a psychic reading only involves energy surrounding a client. A mediumship reading involves a spirit who is beyond the personal space of the client but who is near them. Multiple spirits may be present at one time.


Often times, grief is present in your life and therefore a psychic reading will involve mediumship. Mediums are gifted at sensing people who have crossed over into the Spirit world.  John is capable of interpreting the information that is being communicated to him, and in turn, is able to pass that information on to his clients.


A mediumship reading is not only insightful, but it assists in bringing closure and healing to a client after a loss.

When to Purchase a Session?

The loss of a loved one is a traumatic event, and the need to communicate with them is often overwhelming. However, it is wise to wait a while before using the services of a medium. John recommends waiting at least 30 days or up to six months before obtaining a reading. A reasonable period between your loss and a session with John allows you time to heal from the shock of your loss and gives your loved one time to adjust in their new environment.

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