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A private reading with John Cappello includes psychic and/or mediumship information depending upon the information he receives. 


What is a psychic reading?

Psychic readings involve sensing the events and circumstances surrounding your life and you. This means, if you have a question involving a decision you may be contemplating or if there are specific issues such as finances, children, relationships, career, or health, they may be evident to John prior to your asking questions. Sometimes, past events come up first because the energy surrounding them is strong.

What should you expect in a psychic reading?

If you are receiving a phone reading from John, he works with your voiceprint over the phone. For an in-person reading, he will ask you if he may hold an object that belongs to you. It is your voiceprint or imprinted energy on your object that enables him to pick up information encoded within your voice or on that object. This technique is called psychometry.

John does not ask you to provide any information up front.  Once he has made a connection with your energy and has established the issue you are inquiring about, you can discuss your issue with him because he is aware of your circumstances. He can let you know the “weight” of different solutions that he will explore on a psychic basis.

The direction given to John is only “a future” and is subject to energy that may affect the result. We all have free will, and he looks at where the energy is the strongest at that time. Depending upon the prediction, there is no guarantee that the result John suggests will come true.

Perspective must be considered when you receive a psychic or mediumship reading because John’s viewpoint may be slightly different than yours. It is good to be open to other interpretations of a situation since it may be a crucial point that could make a difference in the result of your reading. Here is an example of a different perspective in a reading: John may say he is seeing a window, but the reality of the window is really a portal on a boat.

A portal is a window on a boat, but the clairvoyant impression could be the act of seeing out of a “visual space” and not having the benefit of seeing a round portal on a boat. Your openness and ability to discern there are different types of windows is important because the act of seeing out of a space is the point, not the type of window.

You will know the information is psychic when John is able to provide information to you that you have not previously told him. At this time, he will ask you to verify the information he is receiving. There is a give and take in a reading, and the psychic impressions received need to be verified as much as possible by you. It is the verification process and the unknown information from beyond your knowledge that indicates that John is receiving valuable psychic impressions.

Each psychic reading is unique, and it is suggested that you space your readings several months apart if you are trying to resolve an issue. The message you received may not be fully revealed. Energy changes, but you should give your message a chance before you give up on a prediction. Chronic situations are not solved overnight, and many clients have reported that a prediction was not entirely fulfilled until years later. The point is that the reading was correct, just not in the preferable time frame.


What is mediumship?

Our society believes in the continuity of life but proving that we are truly communicating with a friend or loved one who is now in the Spirit world is difficult. Mediums are gifted at sensing people who have crossed over into the Spirit world.  They are capable of interpreting the information that is being communicated to them, and in turn, are able to pass that information on to their clients. A mediumship reading is not only insightful, but it assists in bringing closure and healing to a client after a loss.

What should you expect in a mediumship session?

When you receive a mediumship reading from John Cappello, he uses his psychic abilities to sense the presence of Spirits around you. The difference between a psychic reading and a mediumship reading is that a psychic reading only involves energy surrounding a client. A mediumship reading involves a spirit who is beyond the personal space of the client but who is near them. Multiple spirits may be present at one time.

For John, he senses masculine and feminine energy with his psychic feelings, visually recognizing men on the right side of a client and women on the left of a client. Generally, children and animals appear in front of them. He hears information about people and uses his other psychic gifts to give him clues about what the person who is in spirit is trying to tell him.

It is not an exact science, and John uses his perspective to determine the information given to him. You will need to verify the information given to you during a reading to help define the impressions that are being received. There is some information that you may recall later since it may not be readily identifiable. The amount of detail he can provide is the best verification that a client’s loved one is there during a session.

You may record a psychic or mediumship reading to assist you in recounting information you were not able to verify initially. Periodically reviewing your recording may reveal additional information that was not accepted the first time you heard it. A reading is rich with data and absorbing all of it may take some time. 


The loss of a loved one is a traumatic event, and the need to communicate with them is often overwhelming. However, it is wise to wait a while before using the services of a medium. John recommends waiting at least 30 days or up to six months before obtaining a reading. A reasonable period between your loss and a session with John allows you time to heal from the shock of your loss and gives your loved one time to adjust in their new environment.


A psychic reading or a mediumship session can be a life altering event, but you should ultimately use your own best judgement to evaluate the information you have received. Every psychic and medium has their own explanations of the way their gifts work and the information you have just read are based exclusively John Cappello's experience.  A reading will give you insight and an “edge” in validating your own impressions of a situation or the existence of an afterlife. John is honored to have you consider him when choosing a psychic or a medium. He pledges his best efforts to give you the best information available.




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