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Tarot card readings are for one person only. The querent should ask questions that relate to issues in their life, but the discussion can include relationships with other people. A 30-minute reading can only cover a brief range of issues thoroughly. One-hour sessions are more in depth and give you more insight into issues. 

The cards are subject to interpretation, but they usually capture accurate energy. Tarot cards are limited by the pictures on them. These images can awkwardly describe situations since they are not exact depictions of actual information.


Card One: The problem card expressing the energy around the question.

Card Two: Represents the opposing energy that exists in the situation.

Card Three:  The best possible outcome.

Card Four: The far past.

Card Five: The recent past.

Card Six: The immediate future.

Card Seven: This card represents where the querent is at this time.

Card Eight: This card is about the energy surrounding the querent.

Card Nine: This card is the energy surrounding the greater situation.

Card Ten: The outcome of the matter.

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