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Open the Mind Heal the Heart

Open the Mind Heal the Heart discusses twelve areas to consider when healing from grief.

Healing is a decision. This is an essential area for healing from grief. No one can help another person unless they are willing to try. Healing starts from within and the will to heal is essential.

Express Gratitude. No loss is absolute. There are things to be grateful for in our darkest hour. When we face tragedy, we need to be able to see the good that remains. It is another starting point to begin anew.

Adaptability. This concept is essential for healing since it is often the case that we must make changes to survive. Being flexible assists us in creating conditions to recover or manage an issue.

Learn to Cope. Grief is not easy to overcome and there are many times when set backs occur during the healing process. Nurturing yourself in with positive strategies is another important area for healing.

Take Action. It is important to take steps to improve your situation. Whether it is asking for help or finding the motivation to create new opportunities, it is up to you to start anew.

Healthy Habits. This area is another essential for healing since taking care of yourself with diet, exercise, and hygiene are all areas necessary to overcome adversity. A daily routine and reasonable work schedules can be very helpful when healing.

Engage Others. Being with other people and socializing is a normal and healthy activity. Social contacts allow you to communicate your feelings, learn to enjoy the company of others, and allow you the opportunity to have fun.

Humility. Grief can be very intense and acting with self-respect and choosing not to be a victim is healthy. The depth of your sadness is very real to you and humility gives you strength of character.

Exert Integrity. Respecting your situation in the proper context can be helpful while recuperating from the sadness you are feeling. Using integrity helps you maintain your dignity and self-esteem when dealing with others.

Ambition. This activity allows you to be re-invigorated with the motivation to regain your status in life. It is a force needed to achieve. Planning and methodically achieving goals can be very fulfilling.

Responsible Reflection. Remembering and memorializing the past can be very healing. Visiting a grave or reliving happy moments from the past can set the tone for a happy future.

Time. Giving yourself permission and time to heal is necessary. You are the only person that matters when it comes to healing your grief. This is area where you should not place a restriction.

Finally, being good to yourself and nurturing your needs is a recipe for success when grieving. There are no exact solutions, but the previous suggestions are good ideas to assist you in your goal to heal.

Best Wishes,

John Cappello

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