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Predictions: 2020 Brings Hindsight into View

2020 Brings Hindsight Into View

The New Year is here, and it is no surprise that many people are not ready for it. However, the energy of the end of 2019 has thrust us into another year, so it is time that we accept it and use it to our advantage. The opportunity to reflect will come in the New Year, but do not wait too long because 2020 will bring perspective, promise, and prosperity for most people. Do not miss it by living in the past!

Clarity is the theme of this year with its natural comparison to 2020 vision. It will be a welcomed change from the chaos that we have brought upon ourselves in the political and social arenas. This year will make us take stock in our circumstances and consider whether we are doing better now than we were in the recent past.

In Numerology, 2020 relates to the number four, and this number brings with it a special energy. Four relates to the sign of Cancer, the sign of foundations, nurturing, and issues around the home. This energy is good and should manifest itself with the start of a better life for many. However, it also has the negative energy of endings around it. As a result, four is also the number for death and loss. The year 2020 may see an unusually large number of people leaving the planet through natural causes. They are representative of a previous era giving way to new perspectives.

One of the new areas that will soon be a regular part of life will be space. It is just the beginning of our path off the planet. We will no longer just be explorers of space; our goal will be to sustain a presence there. Ironically, we will be the ET’s of the future.

The prospect of war also exists this year because of this energy, and it will be important for clearer minds to prevail in order to avoid a catastrophe. It can be said that the homeland is in turmoil as a result of the political polarization, but there will be some clarity garnered later this year.

Astrology gives us additional clues on this New Year. The Pluto return for the United States is coming in a few years. This means that Pluto will be at the same location as it was when the United States was founded over 240 years ago. This energy will push those who have been hanging onto the past to change, whether they want to or not. Some people will be stubborn and refuse to change, but this will not bring them good results soon.

Saturn will also have a “say” in 2020. It is the planet of discipline and has a way of “righting the course.” It cleans up things wherever it is and brings clarity to situations. This makes it the perfect navigator for the transformation that its counterpart, Pluto, is bringing to the conversation. Saturn wants to control, but Pluto and Jupiter are making things happen.

Optimistic Jupiter is the other planet that will dominate 2020. It is the planet of expansion, joy, and spiritually. Jupiter likes to create change immediately while Saturn wants to be cautious, and Pluto wants to be more measured while evolving. Each of these planets will have their “wins” this year, but these energies bring some confusion with them. Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are influencing events in the sign of Capricorn. This is not a frequent occurrence Astrologically, so it is notable. It is notable because these energies are naturally conflicting.

Other planets, like Mars, will influence 2020 but they do not appear to be as significant as Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter this year. A full Astrological chart can expose more clues about the direction of this New Year. Every year has unforeseen surprises, and these planets may provide them.

On a psychic level, there are many impressions that come to mind during this year. Most people are doing better and will continue to make progress this year. Confidence rises with success, so when you have more resources, you naturally feel better about yourself and your conditions. It is easier to relax and enjoy life when you are not under the stress of trying to make ends meet!

Predictions this year remain impressions of energy as always and energy can change. Regardless of our personal political preferences, the following predictions reflect where the energy is strongest. The stock market continues to rise, unemployment will remain steady, there will be improvement in infrastructure because the private sector will be more involved, impeachment will persist but will fail, and President Trump will win re-election.

There is a re-alignment that is emerging politically and socially. The ramifications will not be realized for many years, but it involves the new consciousness that was predicted around the turn of the century. This new awareness is puzzling because much of it comes through better economic times instead of just revelation. Idealism and realism will have common threads this year.

The new consciousness is being revealed, and the start of a new decade is just the beginning of a new roaring decade of the 20s. Unlike 100 years ago in the 1920s, there is a different basis for success, and the taste of it will be projected well into the latter part of this century. The good times will end one day, but this is time to get ahead and succeed. 2020 is the beginning of a period to be remembered. It will set new standards.

Storm clouds of this new renaissance will gather in the future, but not soon. When they come, it will be from over-confidence, over-indulgence, and a lack of precision. Waste and careless behavior brings down success and prosperity. Caution and good decision making during the good times allows for the lean times to be less daunting. Therefore, it is imperative to be wise and measured during our current boom.

Reflecting upon the areas where you have placed your efforts in the past is important in 2020. Are you reaping the reward of the places where you have expended energy? If the answer is “Yes,” then you should continue moving forward. If the answer is “No,” then you may need to seek more positive outcomes and change. It is time to review, make the necessary adjustments, and move forward with caution. Everyone makes mistakes, but this is the year to let go and look to the future. This is the time to build or create foundations in your life that will bring future success.

We will see positive change in 2020, but there will never be total agreement by all. This year does bring clarity with the contradictions it presents. It is important to remain grounded and spiritually strong during the good times because these virtues allow us to fully enjoy your success. There will be those who claim the glass is half-empty, but in these times, most will consider the glass half-full! Good luck in 2020!

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