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Want to Learn to Be A Psychic? Learn the Lingo First

It does not matter the discipline that you may want to pursue there are definitions and terms that you will need to learn to navigate within that space. Psychics have their own terminology they use when communicating their messages. You will need to learn this terminology to understand your gifts and be of service to anyone receiving a message from you.

Types of Psychic Ability

There are five primary psychic senses, and they include clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, clair fragrance, and clairgustance. Each of these senses can be defined by a similar definition which involves the soul capturing information beyond the limits of the physical sense. The senses have their nuances and practicing the use of each of them is important in your development.

The “clairs” as they are known are extensions of the physical senses and it is a “best practice” to have a journal while learning about your abilities. A journal will enable you to learn your strengths because you will identify psychic impressions with a specific psychic sense. You should note whether an impression is a feeling, vision, sound, smell, or taste.

Later you will learn that there is a “remote” feature to each sense. This means that the energy immediately around a subject person involves your psychic ability while gaining impressions from people or situations who are not in your immediate space are from your remote psychic senses.

It is important to note that the terms psychic ability and intuition are synonyms and can be used interchangeably. Psychic ability is less accepted so many just say they are intuitive. This term is okay to use if it is understood that it is an umbrella term for all the psychic senses.

Recognizing and Using the Lingo

When you use your psychic abilities, you are not just using a gift. It is about observing them. Recognize the use of intuition by others and you are revealing. Pete Sanders the author of You Are Psychic offers some good tools to recognize the psychic senses of others and you.

When someone says, “I felt” something or you feel a psychic impression you should understand that clairsentience is being used. Identifying the emotions means there may be a recollecting of that sensation from the past. This is a good “heads up” when using your psychic feeling.

The words used when describing a message received from beyond the physical can indicate the type of ability being used or the strongest psychic sense of the person giving the message. Using terms like “I felt” indicates the giver of the message may be clairsentient. Therefore, when you have a conversation with them you can use emotional terms when describing a message, you are trying to convey to them.

A clairvoyant uses terms like “I saw it”, “I had a vision”, or “it flashed before me”. They need visuals to understand concepts. Clairaudients may say, “I heard it through the grapevine”, or, “a little birdie told me.” These individuals need the hard facts and be convinced with a good argument!

Claircognizant people say things like “it dropped into my head” or “I just thought of it”. This group is smart, idealistic, creative, and maybe aloof. The strategy to talk to them is to be open-minded and to possibilities. They can be rebels and like “out of the box” conversations.

Clair fragrant and clairgustance people are usually more private. The “superpower” they have can be recognized by the terms, “I smelled it” or “I understood the taste”. These senses note that fragrances and smells can be symbolic and when they come from beyond the physical their need to be active.

You need to learn when to recognize these senses within yourself first and you will begin to recognize them in others. When you understand the clues, you receive, and what others indicate to you then you can further explore being psychic. You will be able to express yourself by indicating the psychic sense you are using and understanding others.

Why the Right Lingo is Important?

Learning about your psychic ability is a journey of self-discovery and understanding your abilities with the correct terminology gives you a comfort level that is satisfying. When you use the correct terms, you gain understanding and can be more accurate with your messages. You will never be perfect, and you will be wrong at times, but you will be able to correctly identify the source of your information.

Clarity and precise identification of information you receive allow you to react quickly when new impressions come to you. It allows you to further explore each sense and begin to understand the mechanisms of your talents more fully. The terminology you use is a tool for moving forward and gaining additional insight.

If you say you "saw" something but really "felt" it then confusion is created as to the psychic sense you are using. It is a good practice to keep your messages focused on the sense that is prompting the message. This type of clarity allows you to understand the message and your gifts with certainty.

The Psychic Test

New people to the psychic genre often state that many impressions come to them all at once and it is difficult to understand them. It can be discouraging and aggravating because the information could be important and needed to manage an issue in their life. Some people simply block psychic impressions simply because they do not understand them.

Others take a different approach. They do their best to recapture the impression in a journal or in their minds. Once this is done you can begin to dissect the impression.

When you have the message stabilized you can begin to dwell on it using your talents. You can decide any emotions you have about the impression. This is when the lingo you have for psychic moments can be “gold” for you.

You can begin to ask questions using the psychic test. “What do I feel about this?” This spurs your clairsentience and the inventory of feelings that you have built up can be used to analyze the problem.

Use your clairvoyance and other psychic senses in the same manner. The experience you have gained by using and recollecting prior impressions can clarify the current situation. Your practice and the work you have done with the terminologies you have as tools assist you with your being effective with your abilities.

Learning to be Psychic

Once you have started your journey of self-discovery and learning about your psychic gifts your perception of the world may change. The use of your intuition broadens your understanding of others and yourself. It should give you more tools for you to use in your life and overcome obstacles that may have once been insurmountable.

The life of a psychic can be rewarding but it comes with responsibility. Using your gifts for the good of others and for your own good is a must. Misuse of your gifts will bring you difficulties once others realize that you are insincere and manipulative. They have their own gifts that they will use to stifle and block you.

It is a good thing to learn about your gifts and to develop them for the right reasons. Your psychic journey brings with it wisdom and responsibility. If you are ready for this quest then you need to start learning more about it, if not, then you will at least know the lingo!

John Cappello, M. B. A., Psychic Medium, Author of metaphysical books and children’s books about angels. For more information go to

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