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In today’s world, conditions in your life can change without any notice. You may have a new set of issues you are unprepared to manage. A new life thrust upon you without warning is shocking, so it is wise to take a moment to consider the unbelievable becoming a rude reality. If the unthinkable happens, there are steps you can take to cope and mitigate your situation. This article discusses at least twelve of them.

Life Changes

1.      The recent Covid epidemic has changed the lives of millions of people who have been forced to institute radical changes they never thought they would make in a “normal” world. Most people found themselves in a new reality; many even found they had lost everything. Other personal life changes such as an injury, a catastrophic loss of possessions due to an unfortunate event, the sudden loss of a close family member or friend, the loss of business or a lawsuit, the unexpected loss of a relationship or job, or a host of other events may cause you to find yourself alone.  You can recover from all these catastrophes if you make the decision that they will not defeat you.

2.      It takes perseverance to overcome the obstacles you face, but you have survived, so there is hope that a manageable future is achievable. There is no guarantee that you will ever feel whole again, but you can live a life worth living and find peace that you can enjoy. It may not feel like a time to be grateful, but surviving a tragedy is the first step to recovery. The rest is up to you to have the will to create resources for a new beginning.

A Little Courage goes a long way

3.      You may need some courage to move forward, but creating a new life requires extraordinary decisions to adapt to your new situation. Courage may be necessary to seek help through counseling, seeing a doctor, or asking for assistance from others. It may be necessary to swallow a little pride and accept help where needed or offered.

4.      Creating coping mechanisms is essential. Journaling, making lists, and determining your needs to attain a sense of normality is necessary. A new foundation must be created, and this may require starting over more than once to find the right combination of resources for a new beginning.

5. Acting in an “extraordinary time” is not easy, but unless you are able to do something positive for yourself, you can be open to more issues forced upon you. Sometimes, doing nothing is okay, but this is a conscious decision that means you are willing to accept any consequences of isolating yourself. When you are ready to act, you may find that it feels good to set new goals.

6.      Personal care is another important part of recovery. A daily routine, healthy diet, and personal hygiene can be casualties of a loss, but maintaining yourself is a sign of self-love and can help with starting over. Pets can also be part of recovery because they provide a sense of calm and distraction that allows you moments of clarity in your new reality.

7.      It is normal to want to be alone, but you are not meant to be alone all the time. Engaging others and socializing is a healthy activity for a person in your situation. Connecting with others and emotional interaction are healthy and help move you to another place mentally and emotionally.

8.      While it is essential to surround yourself with compassionate people, beware of people who may want to seize the moment to take advantage of you. They are out there and can be “posers” who appear to want to help. Those people have self-serving agendas that can do more harm to you in a vulnerable situation. You may have been a victim of an unexpected event, but you do not need to be further victimized by sociopaths. Your intuition can be another useful tool, even in challenging times. Be humble, but remember the term, “trust but verify”.

A Spiritual Life is Essential

9.      There is no substitute for a spiritual life when circumstances are difficult. The comfort from the Almighty gives you support and resilience. You may have to renew your faith in God, but it is worth it because God only wants the best for you.

10. You may feel ashamed or belittled during this time, but if you act with dignity, you will find that your public image is restored and enhanced. Seeking admiration is not the focus of solving turmoil. Still, when you act with positivity and grace, you will notice that support and new avenues of opportunity are there for you to pursue. Whether you want it or not, your new life is here, so it is good to know that restoration can become a reality by being authentic.

11. New friends and credible groups are out there if you are patient and can navigate

difficulties with the new resources and tools you have created or found helpful in your recovery. It takes effort to make a new life, and that life may present itself in ways that you never thought of previously. There is some excitement in the new life you are creating, but the memories of your previous life will always have a special place in your consciousness.

It Takes Time

12. It takes time to allow change to take place. Nothing can cure you entirely from a traumatic event, but the use of time and other virtues can help you find some peace. Patience, rest, or just imagining yourself happy and engaged in a new life can assist you in creating a new, fulfilling path.

In today’s world, you need solutions to oversee a tragic situation, and you must know that you can manage it. Every situation is different, but there is a way if there is a will. Hang in there!

John Cappello M. B. A. is a practicing psychic medium and author of the book Open the Mind Heal the Heart. For more information, go to

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