John has streamed over 100 internet radio shows. After practicing for over 25 years John has developed a scholarly interest and knowledge base in a variety of subjects. His internet talk show tackles everything from dealing with loss, connecting with spirits, astrology, past lives, and meditation.

2017 Interview with Jim Masters

CUTV News Radio spotlights John Cappello of Visionary Workshop.


The Remote Psychic Senses- An Overview

This program will discuss the remote psychic senses.  These are the the psychic abilities that are activated when a distant event occurs with a close loved one or when we target a remote location, person, or situation.  Please join us in the discussion and share your experiences.


Astrological Transits

This week we end our month's discussion about Astrology with a talk about the transits of the planets. Each of us faces challenges and knowing the areas where we will be encountering them allows us to prepare. Join us in the fun today.



What is an Aura?

This week we will be discussing auras and the meaning of the energy from them.


The Emotional Factor in Dreams

This program is about examining the major emotions in our dreams. Revealing the areas we can identify as concerns can assist us in healing and facing issues in our lives.  In addition, we will be talking about the different types of dreams we have.  Our psychic abilities are always at work and this is discussed as well. 


Open the Mind Exercise the Soul -Expectations

This program is about my new book, Open the Mind Exercise the Soul. The book is available on all major book selling websites.  We will be discussing the merits of psychic development during the program. Specifically, the program will discuss the expectations we have when we receive a psychic reading.  

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