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The Corona Virus and Best Practices

Updated: May 24, 2020

The entire world is concerned with the spread of the Corona Covid 19 virus and it is providing a challenge for mankind to act appropriately. The lessons that are being learned during this time are many and working together is essential to overcome this worldwide pandemic. Every aspect of humanity is being tested and a “best practices” approach needs to be adopted by everyone.


Globally, nations need to be sharing information and resources with each other. Honesty and transparency are necessities to keep the populations of each country safe. Containment, care, and recovery need to be the priority of every government. This is not the time for cultural pride to be an impediment for public safety or disinformation to be spread.

The world community is at stake and propaganda will not help solve the problem. This pandemic is an opportunity for mankind to start reducing barriers. It is a best practice for the world to place the health of their populations and mankind first. We are all in this together.


Our national leaders need to get along. This is no time for political bickering or to “one up” each other. The consequences are high and the need to set aside differences is crucial. This is extremely difficult for some, but it is necessary. The blame game will commence after the pandemic is over.

Political and regulatory barriers need to be set aside to let go of the past and create a new “best practices” approach. This problem offers the public health sector a chance to upgrade and be prepared for the future. We are learning about our vulnerabilities and developing procedures to correct them. It appears that many obstacles are being removed. This is a good thing.

We need to listen to the authorities and the medical community. They are the people we depend upon to handle this type of crisis and it is evident they are trying. They need to be honest with us. There can be no exceptions in this area. Mistakes have and will be made, but it is important that the process of doing something is ongoing. Solutions will come as “best practices” are being created. The media needs to be responsible as well.

This problem offers our country the opportunity to heal from emotional rancor and petty differences that appear to be chronic. It is a challenge that is worth overcoming. Our general emotional and physical health are at stake. We should take advantage of this moment in those areas.


Local officials are reacting and trying to stop the spread of the virus. We need to heed the rules they are placing upon large gatherings and pay attention to any action plan for health care they may create for our communities. Social distancing and good hygiene must be observed especially in public. These are the best practices that are being implemented.

This problem is a work in progress so flexibility in the public and at the workplace are developing on a “real time” basis. We need to watch for changing rules and directives by local officials. Responsible behavior is important.


This is a time for us to reflect and take a holistic view our who we are as a person. A “best practice” is to take a body, mind, and spiritual approach to keep us healthy. Meditating, staying grounded, and being there for others is a good personal approach. Prayer is an example of another practice for you to remain spiritually aware.

Crisis has a way of bringing out the best and worst in people. We are seeing the reactions of those who appear to be acting with panic and others who are trying to keep a normal frame of mind. This is not the time to judge the actions of others, but it is a time to take our own actions into account during this time.

We need to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. Washing our hands frequently and practicing the appropriate social etiquette is essential. Common sense behavior is needed by all of us and we need to do our share to keep our neighbors, family, and selves heathy.


Our “best practices” in this situation is be socially and personally responsible. Cooperation and flexible behaviors are necessary. We need to listen to elected, public, and medical officials. It is okay to be prepared for being quarantined if necessary, but we need to be careful about acting out of fear or panic. It is important to remain calm and be in a positive frame of mind.

A pro-active attitude is important to maintain. We need to be kind to everyone, be in touch with family and friends, and be especially thoughtful toward those who may be at the most risk. Good ideas should be shared and creating a positive environment is important.


The Corona Covid 19 pandemic will end and mankind will survive. It will make us better and cause us to be mindful of our global, national, local, and personal responsibilities. Problems create opportunities and this one is no different from other challenges that we have endured.

This virus pandemic is a wake-up call for the world. The nations of the world should regularly work together, our political differences need to be temporarily set aside, we need to take better care of our surroundings, and our health is essential. It is forcing us to be more aware and to be socially responsible on all levels.

It is difficult to be cooped up at home or be quarantined, but if these measures are required, they need to be enacted. The benefits of caution cannot be over emphasized. Many positive outcomes will result from this time and it will have taught us many lessons. We may even have a baby boom when all of this over!

We are learning a lot during this time. Antiquated systems need to be replaced and new procedures will be implemented for the worldwide community. It is good to have a “best practices” approach to handle major times of stress. When all of us do our part, we can make a difference.

John Cappello is a psychic medium who has been in practice for over 25 years. You can visit his website at for more information or to set up a private consultation.

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