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Developing Your Clairvoyance Using Your Physical Sight

Updated: May 24, 2020

Develop Your Clairvoyance Using Your Physical Sight!

The year 2020 has a natural association with clear vision, so it is no mistake that many people are interested in developing their psychic sight, or clairvoyance. Psychic gifts, like clairvoyance, are very special, but when traditional exercises like meditation and visualization do not appear to work, you can get discouraged. It is best to find practices that suit you and use them to get results.

Psychic ability can be exercised on its own or have “triggers” that cause it to be activated. Clairvoyance is no different from the other psychic senses in this way. You may experience issues around interpreting the information you receive, and this may cause you to be reluctant to share your visions with others. Furthermore, you may hesitate to talk about the images that you do not understand and stay with the safer ones that you feel are the clearest.

If you are hesitant in this area, there are a few exercises you can use to enhance your clairvoyance and your confidence. You might be surprised to learn that your physical vision can assist you in developing your psychic sight. Paying attention to the world around you, thereby noticing details about unfamiliar items, can help you recognize visual impressions that come to you. Here are some ways to enhance your clairvoyance.

Exercise One

Memorizing images in printed form or digitally is a helpful tool when developing your clairvoyance. This is especially helpful if you look at pictures of items that are not normally in your life. For example, memorizing the pictures of different types of boats or ships, if they are not already in your life, will enable to you recognize the type of watercraft that appears at your third eye clairvoyantly. The more you are aware of the differences between vehicles that travel across the water, the more exact you can be when you see it clairvoyantly.

One of the secrets of a good clairvoyant is that they have clients from many walks of life, and they have a broad “inventory of images” in their soul’s databank. This enables them to have a broader range of their gifts. A client’s energy triggers the reader’s soul inventory of pictures, and they can then accurately describe the watercraft, for example, that is in the customer’s life. They are able to recall the image because they have seen it before somewhere! It is amazing, but you can do this as well.

Using media such as Tarot cards, playing cards, flash cards, books, magazines, newspapers, or the internet as tools to memorize pictures is a great way to develop for your psychic sight. Triggers bring these images to your third eye and can enable you to relate to another person, give you insight to a problem, or prompt a premonition of a future event. The image may not be exact, but it may be close enough to activate your attention. In this case, close is good enough because it could save your life! It is called a hit.

Exercise Two

Notice your surroundings. Look closely at objects in your home, while you are shopping, and when you are in nature. The details you pick up are valuable for developing your psychic sight. The reason is that a clairvoyant impression may be associated with that detail, and you need to be able to recognize it. The more you expose your mind to the physical stimuli around you, the better psychic you will become. It is just a fact!

Exercise Three

Finally, the last and possibly best exercise you can do is to mindfully watch television. Recognizing faces, objects, or situations presented on the news or other programs can help you develop your clairvoyance. The entertainment industry wants to use a known group of professionals, but it wants to “disguise” them with unique looks so that the public does not recognize them from their other roles.

For example, notice an actor or actress in a commercial and pay attention to his or her facial features. Once you have done this, you may notice these features again, but the actor may have a beard instead of being clean shaven. A woman actress may have a different hairstyle, different makeup, or wear clothing that differs from what you may expect.

It is much like the universe that forces us to recognize situations as similar. As a result, we understand the way to react to them in the appropriate manner. Clairvoyance is a defense against randomness with images that help us with solutions


What’s next?

You naturally gain visual inputs for your clairvoyance to use, but when you consciously exercise your memory to place images in your clairvoyant inventory, you increase your ability to use your psychic sight more effectively. You have your own triggers that will bring these images to the forefront. It is your prior for you to say something like, “I saw something but did not recognize what it was.”

Clairvoyance may not be your strongest gift, and the other psychic senses have similar practice techniques. However, the other psychic senses will be discussed in more detail in future articles. The applications in this article will enhance your clairvoyance and can “open up” your other gifts. It takes time and repetition to become skilled, but it is a worthwhile endeavor. Journaling is another helpful device to use for your development.


Traditional exercises such as meditation and visualization are good tools to use. If these tools work well for you, then you should continue to use them. However, if you want to try some new things, these additional exercises can be rewarding and fun. The year 2020 is already a year to remember, but if you concentrate on your psychic sight, your gift will truly be enhanced, and you will acquire a special appreciation for clairvoyance. Pay attention to the world around you, and you will be just fine!

John Cappello is a psychic medium who has been in practice for over 25 years. You can visit his website at for more information or to set up a private consultation.

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