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Clairvoyance and Choices

Clairvoyance, psychic sight, is a special gift that takes a lifetime to develop. If you want to use this gift, you must understand and practice how to interpret this information. It has nuances that are unique to it and has several forms. This psychic sense often presents itself with numerous options at the same time, and you need to be careful when you let others know what you see. The image you choose to communicate may or may not be the one expected by the person you are reading.

Imagine television sets or tabs in a filing cabinet that appear around a person whom you are reading or a person sitting in a portrait of surrounding images. You might receive a single image, but if multiple images are given, you must guess which one you should reveal. The guess, usually the most prominent image, you choose to share with another person is not random, but it may not be the one your subject wanted.

For example, you may see a house as the strongest impression around a client and convey that to her, but she may say it was not relevant to her question. You may have also seen a ring, for example, but since it was not the most prominent image, you did not mention it. The client may say you were not correct, but this is not true. You are simply relaying the foremost image you were seeing.

The client in this example was a realtor and, therefore, had a strong energy of a house around her. However, she was interested in hearing about the ring. She acknowledged the image was something relevant to their life, but it did not address the answer to her question. You cannot control the information you see, but it is remarkable that you saw something that relates to her life, and you had no way of knowing it had meaning at all.


Since clairvoyance is not “single sight”, you are left open to making mistakes. When your choice of images is not validated by a client and they mention another image, there may be a moment of regret on your part. Although you know that energy was there as well, it is too late to say you saw the impression they desired. The validation you receive about one of the pictures you saw is by you alone and no one else.

Some people who do not validate information simply do not want that data known. It is a private secret that is not for the public. You may learn later the image you communicated was correct. Unfortunately, some moments for a breakthrough are missed.

Your clairvoyance adjusts, like the other psychic senses, to the energy of the person you are reading. If you are told you are wrong, you can power or intensify your energy to sense the misinterpreted information. However, if you continue to be told you are incorrect, it is best to back off. This is when you must believe in yourself and respectfully admit you are not seeing the correct data.

Many Images

You can be given selections when you are using clairvoyance, and it can be confusing. Many times, there are images of a past, present, and “a” future which can be puzzling when a reading is being given. The data may need some sorting to gauge perspective.

A clairvoyant individual can make a completely accurate statement based on an image that is seen and be told that they are off the mark by a person who is not getting the message they want. A client needs to be open minded and allow for interpretation of a vision. You will be comforted to know that the majority of individuals are in this category.

Images can be random, but do not be surprised that you can be seeing spirits and events at the same time around a person. The spirits on a person’s right are usually male, and events on this side can indicate a prior experience. Spirits and experiences on the left are usually feminine and can indicate a potential event. Visions that are centered are often guides and angels from spirit while events can be those that are current.

These positions of pictures may not be true for your clairvoyance, so it is important that you learn the nuances of it as it applies to you. You need to look for patterns that make sense to you. In some cases, the images for some clairvoyants are not real world, they are symbols. Symbols are valuable, but they must be understood for their accuracy.


Clairvoyance is considered a sense that predicts the future. The truth is that only “a” future can be predicted. Precognition can come as a vision, as a flash, in a dream, on in another manner such as through a crystal ball. You will need to learn about your specific gift and respect it.

A visual prediction is a good guidepost for a potential result, but psychic ability is not about a desired outcome. It is about existence beyond the physical. It is the energy of the moment, and it can change without notice. The vision or image you see exists beyond your physical senses and this validates it. It is not about future accuracy.


You may have other psychic cues that support your clairvoyance, and you will them learn over time. Practice will give you the experience to recognize your clairvoyant gift. If you have people you do not know that are interested in this ability, they will be helpful in giving you good feedback. You can help them, too!

Sometimes the visuals that you receive may not be understood. You may choose the image that appears to be the most prominent to you while other images are not as clear or are in the background. You will not have control of your clairvoyance because it is just presented to you.

It depends on the situation, but you may experience images rapidly appearing and disappearing on occasion. When this happens, you must have the discipline to remember the details of the images and attempt to communicate them to your client. This is a reliance on your experience and inventory of images that you recognize from your clairvoyant training.

The support group you have around you can be an essential element in your development and theirs. You can discuss your gift with no fear of repercussions. It is important to remember that you are not competing with others because involving your ego in your development is destructive.


Clairvoyance and Choices is an interesting topic because it acknowledges the range of the psychic ability and the judgement that is needed when using it. Clairvoyance is a precious ability that must be nurtured and respected, not abused or used as a tool for control. The gift is best used for the highest good for others and for your personal enrichment.

Psychic sight is a sense that can be used with other gifts such as clairsentience, clairaudience, and claircognizance. This article is about the singular use of clairvoyance. The use of other abilities may or may not help you with your interpretations, but this can be developed as well.

You will not receive 100% validation from subjects because perspectives are individual, and you have no control of others who have other interpretations about an image you relate to them. Some psychics use broad or flowery language to mitigate criticism; however, being honest and using your best judgement is the best policy. There are no guarantees with psychic ability, but a true vision from beyond the physical is precious.

It is not advisable to doubt your ability because it is not helpful for your development. The use of your clairvoyance is a work in progress, and you will learn more about it over time. It is an art that you are exhibiting, and it takes courage to share it with others. Remember, it is a practice like any other profession, and some people are better at it than others.

The choices you make by exploring and sharing the images you receive can be rewarding. You will learn about others and yourself with responsible use of clairvoyance. It is a true gift worth nurturing, but it is a skill that requires your attention and patience.

John Cappello is a psychic medium and author with over 25 years of experience. You can book a session on the "book online" section of this website.

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