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Psychic Ability and the Wind

Psychic ability continues to be one of the most misunderstood areas of human abilities. The arguments for its existence range from, “It doesn’t exist,” to, “It is a highly valuable ability and one that separates humans from other mammals.” Aside from the extremes, it is still largely misunderstood. One way to bring understanding to the phenomenon is to use an analogy. Analogies help us appreciate ideas in question by drawing parallels that make sense to us. A comparison between psychic ability and the wind is one such analogy.

Intensity of the Wind

The wind can be calm and then become a breeze. Psychic ability is similar because there are times when you are not sensing any unusual impressions and then you begin noticing information that just comes from nowhere. You may not react when you are receiving gentle signals from your psychic ability because of the lack of urgency you sense.

The wind has ranges. It can be gentle at times and fierce at others. The range of wind speeds is like the strength of psychic impressions. Some are gentle while others “move” you to act. A strong impression gives you more courage to say something or adjust your behavior accordingly.

Change Without Notice

The wind can change without notice. This is like psychic energy because the truth in one moment can change instantly. It is energy’s ability to transform that may leave you reluctant to share any information you have received. Psychic energy is fickle like the wind, so your impressions may need to be filtered with judgement.

The wind comes from the east, west, south, or north depending upon many factors. A hurricane, for instance, swirls, and the wind from it moves in many directions. The direction of the wind can help you predict the weather if you pay attention to it. Similarly, psychic ability has many forms. You have several psychic senses, and they are activated at different times and in different ways. Impressions can come without notice and from any of the senses you possess. It is important to pay close attention to clues.

The wind can be measured by direction and speed. Psychic ability can be measured by the type of psychic sensation you are receiving and the urgency of it. The speed of psychic ability is judged by how quickly you can pay attention to the information and you how much of that information you can comprehend.

You will notice that the wind may blow mostly from one direction from your standpoint. In the same way, one of your abilities is your strongest. Your other senses are present, and you can still feel them, but one of them is clearly prominent.

Temperature of Sensation

The wind blows in many temperatures. It can be hot, cold, or blow at a comfortable temperature. Depending upon the quality of an impression, psychic ability can make you uncomfortable when you experience sensations. Your discomfort level can be used as a tool to gauge a situation, make decisions, or even help you with relationships.

You may have heard the the expression, “Take the temperature of a moment.” It simply means that you should evaluate your position and determine an appropriate course of action. It is something you may do naturally before you act on an impression you have received. It is your ability to sense when to use the information wisely.

Can be Destructive or Beneficial

The wind can be destructive or beneficial. The wind can cause a lot of damage in the form of a tornado, hurricane, blizzard, or thunderstorm. In contrast, it can be beneficial for flying, sailing, providing relief from the heat, creating electricity, bringing rain for crops, or moving a destructive storm away from an area.

Psychic ability can be destructive or beneficial. It can cause damage when it is misused in a situation or used as a tool to do harm to people. It can be beneficial when it provides wisdom and foresight. When psychic ability is used properly, it can be used for healing and validating others through your empathy for them. Furthermore, it can assist you in moving forward personally when you make a good decision.


The wind is natural, unpredictable, random, and is perceived to come from beyond the physical. Weather bureaus try to predict the way the wind will blow with percentages. However, they are often wrong and are baffled when they thought it would blow one way, only to change suddenly.

Psychic ability is similar in that it can also be unpredictable and random. You must use your experience and maturity to evaluate whether the impression is worth acting upon or not. The most skilled psychics are often wrong because energy changes without notice.

Predicting the wind and psychic abilities are not exact sciences. Both are often misunderstood. Weathermen just shrug their shoulders and move on to the next set of predictions, and you must do the same with your psychic impressions. You cannot take it personally when your strongest impressions prove incorrect.

What’s Next for You

Meteorologists always predict weather events in terms of percentages. For example, “There is a twenty percent chance of rain tomorrow.” The weather bureau does not stop trying to predict the weather just because their predictions did not come true. You should do the same and know that your experience using your psychic ability gives you a reasonable chance of being right!

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