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What is a Medium and How is it different from a Psychic

The popularity of mediums and psychics is growing because more people are noticing they are sensing information that is not accessible to them by their physical senses. Many have a curiosity for developing their abilities and want a greater understanding of this phenomena. Once people are satisfied with the fact that they are sensitive to information beyond the physical, they begin exploring differences and nuances within their experiences. It is only natural to begin researching these differences, and one of them is discovering the uniqueness of a medium verses a psychic.

It is always good to research the definitions of a medium and a psychic. You will find that definitions vary, and you will quickly learn that opinions in the metaphysical community are not standardized. There is no overriding authority in this area, so it is good to read several opinions and determine the definition that best resonates with you.

What is a Medium?

Mediums Defined

Traditionally, mediums are defined as individuals who communicate with people who have crossed over into Spirit. This definition, however, does not address the full understanding of mediumship. Another definition of mediumship is the ability to sense a presence beyond a person’s personal space. This definition broadly defines the phenomena and accounts for spirits, entities, and even the presence of a living person who has projected their presence around someone. It imparts understanding the nature of the energy an entity is projecting.

Today, we are acknowledging that there are many types of entities that exist beyond the human spirit. There are different kinds of guides, angels, elementals, extraterrestrials, and the Divine who communicate with us from other dimensions. In addition, mediumship is not exclusive to people who call themselves mediums. The ability extends to anyone who senses a presence beyond their personal space.

This definition accounts for the many ways that we sense the various entities around us. It allows for exploring whether you feel, see, hear, know, taste, or smell a presence that is beyond your personal space. Sensing a presence is a form of communication because it can own an energy which makes you uncomfortable or calm. These nuances are part of evidential mediumship.

Evidential mediumship is not the only form of mediumship that needs to be understood. Physical mediumship is a form of sensing a spirit by acknowledging that an entity is creating a physical phenomenon such as producing objects out of thin air or moving objects. Channeling is another form of mediumship. It is considered a higher level of the other two forms.


Evidential mediums are the most common type of practitioners in the field of mediumship. These individuals may best fit the traditional definition of practicing mediumship because they primarily work with people who reside in the Spirit World. They do, however, also sense other entities and dimensions beyond our own. These mediums are evaluated by the verifiable evidence they provide to their clients.

Physical mediums are people who have a phenomena guide who has decided to work with them from the Spirit World. These guides are very special entities because they can materially manifest objects out of thin air. The range of the abilities of these entities is unknown because further study is necessary. The role of the physical medium is to create energy around them to help activate the “power” of the phenomena guide. The resulting energy varies from medium to medium. They have a relationship with their guide, and they uniquely work together. Usually, the energy necessary to produce results involves activities such as dancing, singing loudly, and being in a dark environment. Table tipping is an example of physical mediumship.

Channels are people who have a special relationship with a spirit or entity. Sometimes, there are multiple spirits and entities involved. These people allow other beings to communicate through their bodies to give messages. The most famous channel in the United States was Edgar Cayce. He was known as the sleeping prophet because he was totally a vessel for other spirits to give messages to clients.

Mediums are people who act as bridges between other dimensions and the physical plane. They use different methods to achieve results. All of them are open to receiving information, and they all use their psychic abilities to assist them.

What is a Psychic?

Psychics Defined

Psychics are people who work with energy. The energy they work with is either used by them for healing or received by them to give insight to others. There are two forms of psychic energy, and they need to be understood. The first form of energy work that psychics use is considered masculine in form because it sends energy to others. The second form of energy is feminine, receiving energy.



Psychics use this term to indicate the broad use of their psychic gifts. They are practitioners who usually use Tarot cards or other tools. However, others do not use tools and rely on their abilities to help their clients. The use of psychic ability is about the energy around a client, and it involves their personal life and issues. It does not involve spirits who are connected to the client because that is mediumship.

Psychic Healers and Masculine Psychic Energy

Psychic healers are people who practice energy healing. They assess negativity or disease in others by using feminine or receiving energy and use masculine psychic energy to send healing to them or a part of the body needing help. The practices of Reiki, Pranic Healing, Galactic Healing, and other modalities are designed to help others get better. The techniques of psychic healers are combinations of using masculine and feminine psychic energies. The individual practitioner often claims the energy comes from the Divine or a healing guide, but the mechanism is a hybrid use of psychic energies.

There are other forms of the dual use of masculine and feminine psychic energy. These include telekinesis and telepathy. Projecting energy is masculine, and it is used to move objects. It continues to be explored and one day will be more common. Telepathy is a hybrid and common today. It is an example of a way that soul-connected people are communicating.

Empaths and Feminine Psychic Energy

Empaths are psychics who are especially sensitive with their feelings. They are clairsentient individuals who absorb other people’s feelings and are good at emotionally connecting. These psychic people need to be aware that absorbing too much energy can be exhausting.

If you are an empath, you may have the ability to understand the emotional issues that a person near you is experiencing. The feelings are not necessarily those of people you know. They could be the emotions of others who are just projecting their feelings to the Universe! You may notice that others frequently come to you with their problems. Furthermore, you may be surprised that you are able to accurately describe their situation and have solutions for them. Empaths are healers as well as psychics because they are able to validate others emotionally.


Clairvoyants are psychics who use their psychic sight to see issues around their clients. Clairvoyance is their strongest psychic sense, and they use it to benefit others. Another name for a clairvoyant is a visionary. These individuals often focus their psychic impressions to larger projects such as predicting the future of societal mores and/or events.

Intuitives, Light Workers, and Spiritual Advisors

Intuitives, light workers, and spiritual advisors are other names for psychic practitioners who often consider their work as enlightened.

Who are Psychic Mediums?

Psychic mediums are individuals who advertise that they work with both psychic ability and spirits.

What to do next?

Learning the difference between a medium and a psychic is not as simple as it appears. A medium generally works with spirits and psychics with energy around you. However, there are differences between the different types of mediums and psychics as well. It is a good practice to research the practitioner you want to use before you employ them.


The common element between mediums and psychics is the use of psychic abilities. Mediums and psychics are not purists with their work because there is overlap. Mediums use psychic ability, and there are times when psychics work with spirits. Both types of practitioners are "bridges" who can help understand energy from beyond the physical.

It is a good practice to ask about the specialty of the person you want to hire. The applications are different and nuanced between the different types of practitioners. It is your needs that are the most important when deciding which type of practitioner you need.

John Cappello has been a practicing psychic medium for over 25 years. Please visit to book a consultation.

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