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Your Closet and Your Aura

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

When you walk into your closet to choose the clothes you will be wearing for the day you may not realize that the color choices you are making reflect your Aura. Your Aura is the electromagnetic energy field that surrounds you and indicates your mood and general well-being. Colors vibrate energy that can be sensed by others and can evoke a negative or positive response.

You know that the clothes you wear say a lot about you, but you may not realize that they not only indicate your style and taste. They can indicate the way you are feeling on a given day or project your personality over time. If you notice that you wear certain colors on days when you are feeling good, then you can relate to this reality.

If you reflect upon the colors in your closet, you may realize that your wardrobe colors may have changed over the years. It is a sign that you are a different person from who you were at a different time in life. The styles of clothes you wear naturally change due to circumstances such as a job change or financial status.

What Do the Colors Mean?

Wearing bright colors is a sign that you are positive in nature and have an optimistic perspective. These colors are attractive to others and allow you to socialize freely with many people. It is not easy to wear these hues all the time because there are times when we need a little space and attracting others can be a problem, especially in a work environment.

Darker colors indicate being less approachable and more serious. They can be positive in some environments but not when you need to have the attention of others. You will find that others will stay away from you when you are wearing darker and more “protective” shades.

A monochrome wardrobe is an indication of a person who projects a very stable and predictable personality which can be good or bad. Uniforms are designed to give specific energy to others by their color. They can give a customer a sense of security and an expectation of the type of person who is wearing it.

Colors and Achievement

The right clothes and the colors that go along with them can make a big difference in achieving success. It may sound superficial but “dressing for success” is not just a fashion statement. The concept is metaphysical as well.

Colors make a statement about your self-worth and desire to move forward in life. Darker colors can present a powerful image to the world, but you need to be strategic when using them. There is an unconscious reason why we wear dark colors accented by lighter colors. A black suit can be intimidating and send the message that “you should not mess with me” and be offset with a white shirt and a friendly yellow tie!

Choosing your wardrobe appropriately is common sense but making the right impression with another person involves a little more thought than just impulsively grabbing an outfit from your closet. You may have an edge in making a choice if you know the person you will be trying to impress has a favorite color. This choice can make you more likable and thus enable you to make your case to get something you want from them.

An Aura Photo

If you are curious about your aura, you can obtain an Aura photo. It is not always the case, but you may learn that the color or colors in your Aura photo are the ones that you are wearing or have a lot of in your closet. It is not a coincidence that you resonate with some colors and are not drawn to others.

Orange, for example, is worn by very creative people and there may be a lot of orange in their closets. It does not mean that other colors cannot be creative, but it is orange that is associated with creativity. This is a color that many people do not wear at all because it can present difficult energy making them uncomfortable when they have it on their bodies.

The lack of some colors in your life can assist you in determining the energy that you made need. Depression for example may be helped with bright colors like yellow, green, or blue. Color can be healing and bring peace to you if you allow it.

Reading the Room

When you become aware of the messages you send with the clothes and colors you are wearing then you can read others and learn about them. It is a tool that you subconsciously use already but when you become conscious of it then you relate better to those you meet. This power is not to be used inappropriately because you can take advantage of people who may be naïve about the signals they are sending out to the world.

The first impression you receive from another person is generally a reflection of your presentation to them. Darker colors may make them more cautious whereas a lighter color may give you a friendlier greeting. You will be taken more seriously with a subtle approach just as you will receive others with their more subdued color style.

Your Aura Wardrobe Conclusion

Our well-being is reflected by our Aura and our clothing can reflect the color of our Aura. A red aura shows you are a “doer” and action-oriented. Orange is about creativity while yellows are about intelligence, optimism, problem-solving, and being friendly. Green represents healing and authenticity. It can represent a compassionate person.

Blues are about emotional stability and availability. Violet is exciting because it indicates a risk taker and someone who is forward-thinking. Lavender and purple are spiritual colors and indicate a higher-minded person.

An aura picture can give you some clues about yourself. It is not often that you can get an empirical snapshot of your mood and general well-being. Collecting these kinds of photos may help you spot patterns that need attention and allow you some self-discovery.

Your aura and wardrobe will change due to circumstances in your life but making a note of the colors you are wearing is an important clue as to who you are and what you are projecting. You can learn a lot about yourself by just paying attention to things you naturally do and wear. It can help you make changes if necessary and become a more successful and charming person!

John Cappello, M.B.A., Psychic Medium, Author, Aura Photographer, and Astrologer. For more information about John and

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