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How Can a Psychic Bring More Love into My Life?

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

You might engage a psychic to help you work through an infinite number of mysteries in your life, but your top reason may be to find love. Bringing more love into your life is always a worthwhile goal but achieving it can be another story. You may turn to an intuitive for insight about your true love and when you can expect that person to arrive.

There are many pros and cons to seeking the advice a psychic, so before you proceed, you should choose your advisor wisely. Allowing yourself to be open to love and choosing a partner may be the most important decision you make in your life. This decision should be made carefully and with as much information as possible. Psychic readings are considered entertainment but they can offer valuable information to a seeker.


A psychic is a person whose words touch you in a vulnerable place, so your choice of an advisor is important. You can try “potluck” and go to a psychic fair or use a psychic hotline, but you should have some degree of skepticism in these cases. It should be noted that most intuitive counselors are thoughtful spiritual people who want to help clients. You may receive great advice from a total stranger, but you must use your own good sense to determine if the information you receive is valuable. This is true in most endeavors!

You may want to do a little research and get some recommendations when choosing a person to help you bring more love into your life. This rule of thumb must be tempered by the fact that anyone can make mistakes, and since energy changes, the answer you receive today can be different tomorrow. Guidance from a metaphysical counselor should be used with prudence.


Some of the most amazing information you can receive from a psychic is the insight about yourself. An intuitive is someone who accurately describes you and can validate your past experiences demonstrates their credibility. You might then be comfortable that they are providing an assessment of your love life without judgement. You should know that most psychics love to give their opinions! Psychics, who see patterns of behavior, can help you recognize your personal traits that may be preventing you from being successful in love.


It can sometimes be sobering to realize you may need to make changes in your life. Success in virtually every area requires some trial and error. Using failure to find ultimate success can be a good thing. A professional psychic can help you refine your “edge” to bring love into your life and keep it. They can help you understand your role in the successes and failures in your love life.

Psychics notice energy patterns and can give you their impressions of those around you who have your best interest at heart. They may be able to make you aware of any negative energy around your current relationship. There are times when an advisor may see a “red flag” before you do.

A respectable psychic gives you the facts from the information they receive without judgement or any attempt to exert control over you. No one has all the answers, and psychics with the best of intentions can do harm if you do not use discernment with the information they have provided. You are the final decision maker when it comes to using the input a psychic has given to you. An intuitive is at their best when they recognize a pattern of behavior around you that you have totally missed but are able to accept once it is revealed to you.

If a psychic recognizes energy around you that prevents you from bringing love into your life, you can be sure that others who are not “psychics” sense it also. There is some truth in the cliché that birds of a feather flock together. A flaw in your ability to find love may be that you attract others who sense a vulnerability you project and use it to their advantage. You may have chosen someone unconsciously for a “weakness” in their personality only to later learn that they were not an acceptable match for you.

Other times, two people find each other because they have similar energies only to learn later that they cannot grow together. They wind up hurting each other when they realize their relationship has an endpoint. The best scenario in this situation occurs when two people maturely end their association on mutually beneficial terms. You may notice a pattern in your life if it happens on a regular basis with different relationships. A psychic, using their gifts to pick up on this issue and identify it, may be the catalyst you need to change your behavior.

When you have a revelation that you have contributed to the lack of love in your life, it can be an “aha” moment. You can grow from this moment and begin making better choices for yourself. You can become a better partner because you will have gained a better perspective of your prior roles in other relationships. The insight from the psychic will have proven to be rewarding and ultimately priceless!


You need to know that psychics see your past the best, your current situation with a degree of accuracy that you determine, and only “a” future. The last area about the future is critical. The reason why it is very important is that you have freedom of choice. You can accept “a” future or decide to do something different. The choices of others will always remain a wild card. Unfortunately, the best psychics can never make guarantees.

The judicious use of psychics is always a must. It is risky to use a psychic too often since it may become difficult to keep opinions away from the original energy that was sensed. This means you may receive the same reading from a psychic, or you may just hear the news you want to hear because that is the clearest energy around you.


Psychics and their readings can be very helpful to you because of their gifts, but you must remember that people in the metaphysical industry are not licensed health care professionals and the information they give to you is regarded as entertainment. You have your own gifts that are very important when finding love in your life. A reading from an intuitive individual may provide you with hope and insight.

It often takes a while for a true psychic reading to benefit you. You should allow a reasonable amount of time to transpire to realize results from a trusted psychic. God and the Universe usually do not work overnight. While you are waiting, It is an opportunity to work on yourself, learn your role in being a suitable partner, and make yourself more available emotionally for a loving relationship to come to you.


Love relationships can be difficult. You must learn to balance your emotions and know when to give and when to take in a relationship. The people you love must do the same. The twists and turns you face in this most important area in life can be complicated.

Psychics can help you with insight about the patterns you have when choosing people to love. They can help you in gaining an edge with your emotional growth. A trustworthy advisor may be able to describe the perfect mate for you and give you an idea when they will appear.

The most important thing you can do is be honest with yourself and do the best that you can when you are trying to bring love into your life. Psychics can help, but ultimately you must make the effort to bring the energy of healthy love to you. It is a lifelong project, but the rewards are well worth the effort.

John Cappello is a psychic medium who has been in practice for over 25 years. You can visit his website at for more information or to set up a private consultation.

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