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2021, A Year of Adjustment

The reality check that the year 2020 brought to the world will continue in the New Year, and it will require flexibility and caution. Lessons from the pandemic continue to be revealed, and they will be with us for the foreseeable future. The year of 2021 will be a hangover from its predecessor, and the consequences of the world’s behavior will necessitate adjustments.

Therefore, watching the signals that various metaphysical disciplines provide will be useful to uncover the reality that 2021 will bring.

Predictions for the New Year need to be considered “a” future, not “the” future. Metaphysics is a guide but does not provide absolutes with the direction we must follow. It shows us forks in the road, and it is our choice which one to choose.

The use of more than one metaphysical discipline may bring some clarity as to the direction we are headed in 2021. It is interesting that different techniques reach similar conclusions and provide insight. The guideposts from numerology, astrology, and psychic abilities will help provide important clues for the New Year.


Last year resonated a “4” energy. Four has the positive energy of creating a foundation for the future, and this aspect was never more on display than in 2020. It has the negative energy of death and destruction which was true last year as well.

The force of the number four caused the world to evaluate its economic, financial, and social foundations. Economies will need serious alterations due to shutdowns and enormous increases in fiat currencies as a result of the pandemic. The virus had the positive effect of advancing scientific techniques that ended the year with multiple vaccines to combat it.

A change in the United States government highlighted by a proposed foundational shift will necessitate adjustments in the New Year. There will be fresh look at statistics, polling, and voting laws soon. The drift toward a new society continues, and those who are not flexible will suffer.

Like any other year, 2020 ended on some positives and negatives. It is your attitude that will determine if the glass is half full or half empty. The New Year of 2021 will challenge you in new ways that will require you to use your creativity.

The year 2021 resonates the number “5” and, as with all numbers, has positive and negative energy associated with it as well. The positives of this number are creativity and change. However, it also has the negative prospect of chaos which can be the result of creativity and change.

If there is any certainty that these two “forks in the road” provide, it is that you will need to be flexible and be willing to adjust your needs in the New Year. The losses endured during 2020 will either not be recovered or will require you to make foundational changes to enable you to pursue a new path forward.

This is a year of roller coaster changes, so do not set anything in stone. The advice is to go with the flow and not to be afraid to modify your decisions with changing conditions. If you are intransigent in your attitudes or beliefs, you will have trouble this year.


The hindsight that 2020 has given us to ponder for 2021 is that the year marked a point of no return. Energies of the planets can be subtle and continue to teach us their meaning. Each planet has contributed to the evolution of society. The major players were Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

In the United States, these planets created an atmosphere of deception, division, and reorganization in 2020. The New Year will begin to sort some things out, but the consequences of 2020 will create a new society that will produce a new value system that many will not accept. We are living in a historical time not unlike the American Revolution, and Americans need to be careful not to overreact.


Mars is an instigator and can cause problems where it transits (temporarily resides) in a person’s chart. It is moves monthly from house to house in a chart, so if you know yours, you can follow where issues developed last year and where they may erupt in 2021. This planet is about tempers, aggression, sexual appetite, and accidents.

This planet in 2021 will cause more political division and cooler heads need to prevail to keep problems from getting out of hand. The pandemic is not going away anytime soon, and the public will become more impatient as the year progresses. Officials blaming each other for issues that are a result of the virus will cause conflicts. The legal profession will have a field day in 2021 with bankruptcies and other lawsuits relating to the pandemic.


The planet Jupiter, the Greater Benefic, expands the area where it transits, and in 2021, its energy will be noticeable. It has a twelve-year cycle that you can track if you know your birth or natal chart. You will learn more about your life’s path and whether you handled Jupiter-related issues well or not.

If you place Jupiter in your chart and know where it has been, where it currently transits, and where it is going, it will give you some insight into matters that you need to address. Jupiter’s influence will be more predictable this year because it will not be constrained with conjunctions with Saturn and Pluto.

In 2020, the United States economy had wild swings that saw unprecedented declines and a major rebound. In Astrological terms, this was due to the “drag” that Pluto and Saturn had on it. This year, Jupiter will serve as a positive in some areas, at least for the first half of the year, because it breaks free of the other planets. There is a danger of financial bubbles being created, so watch your investments carefully.

The end of the year may be different because it will begin to reveal old scandals that have been hidden for over a decade. This coincides with Mars and the other planets as they create rumblings of civil conflict brewing. Jupiter will begin to influence the media and cause inherent issues to be brought to light. Let us hope that any rioting or civil unrest remains controllable because the public is not going to like the revelations.

If this projection is true, the real problems will occur in 2022 based on other Astrological transits. Flexibility is needed, and fanaticism must be tempered to avoid a potential civil war. This is for those on the left and on the right. It will be necessary to take a deep breath and learn tolerance. Unfortunately, the media will not be helping matters with their continued attempts to deceive and promote an agenda..

This planetary influence will be like twelve years ago when the United States was amid an economic downturn. The recovery was slow and the term “new normal” was coined to indicate that better days were behind us. In this cycle, the negative sentiment will be met with resistance because complacency did not work.


Saturn is the planet of discipline and loss. It sorts things out. When this influence is not respected, the results can cause great pain. It cycles every 29 ½ years, meaning it returns to the placement of your birth during those times. It regularly coincides with life decisions and rewards you when they create growth in your life.

In the United States, the country is undergoing a shift in values, and the energy of Saturn is going to be a part of the unrest that is erupting. Saturn is transiting the financial area in the country, and a financial reset will be needed to correct the overindulgence of the government with money. In addition, the divide between the values of the left and on the right will be boiling over within the next two to three years if the population is not cautious.

This planet exposes problems where it resides, and in the United States, it is showing that the country is evaluating core values and forcing the population to adapt. Groups that have traditionally been ignored are getting needed acceptance. Financially, the expansion of the money supply means a day of reckoning is on the horizon.

It may come in two to three years based on the placement of Saturn. This means the U.S. dollar is in peril, and it means that precious metals and new areas of wealth stability will be more acceptable. Cryptocurrencies will be further advanced, but it will take more time for them to be taken seriously.

The last time Saturn was in this place was thirty years ago during the economic recession of the early 1990s. This current cycle could signal that the new technology of cryptocurrency is in the beginning stage of acceptance and growth. Saturn is associated with the old, but it clears the path for the new to come in and make things better.


This planet has an 86-year cycle, meaning it does not reach the same place in your natal chart until you are 86! The energy of Uranus can go largely unnoticed until you look back at different unexpected events that had an impact on your life path. It is considered a “generational” planet because it takes just over 7 years to move through each sign of the Zodiac.

Uranus is the planet of sudden change, unpredictability, unusual circumstances, and it can spark revolution. It is a harbinger of the future but highlights and creates sharp obstacles that need to be overcome. This planet is a malefic planet that can appear to do something good but later indicates it was a test that caused great upheaval.

The energy of Uranus is like that of someone who wins the lottery only to later regret it because the money caused them so many other problems. Many lottery winners become bankrupt because they mismanaged their wealth and lost their gains. In the United States, we had an unusual election that could have negative consequences if the new leaders mismanage their power.


This planet marks another generational mark in a person’s chart because its cycle takes 165 years to complete. It spends around fourteen years in each of the signs of the Zodiac, and it happens to currently be in the sign of Pisces. This is the sign that Neptune rules, making its influence greater in your chart.

Neptune, in some ways, may be the most interesting influence in 2021 because it disguises reality. Its placement in your natal chart is the area where you may need a reality check. Ask a lot of questions about issues where Neptune is transiting because you might just get conned if you do not!

This planet’s placement in the United States’ chart is ominous because it is hiding the truth, and it is placed in the communication area. It has been there for several years, and it is not done. Revealing the truth is not easy when the media supports a narrative that looks real, but it is not.

This year, in the United States, it will exaggerate messages to pacify the world while attempting to gain more control of everyday life. The problem will resolve itself over time, but there will be pain in the years to come because of this irresponsibility.


This planet lost its planetary status briefly but is now known as a “dwarf” planet. Pluto’s cycle is 248 years which makes its return(the same place it was located in our chart at your birth) impossible for any of us to experience. You will only go through a maximum of five or (if you are lucky) six sign transits of this planet.

It affects generational change subtly but transforms the area where it is residing. In your chart it will give you the indication of your greatest strength or weakness. The transits are akin to a “rags to riches” or “riches to rags” scenario based on the houses it transits in your life.

Pluto is about regeneration, transformation, violence, betrayal, drugs, atomic energy, estates, salvage, taxes, joint possessions, domination, and other people’s money! This energy is only scary if you are not paying attention. In your chart it influences the house it is transiting and represents another area of your life’s lessons.

In the United States, it is transiting the area of the nation’s money, land, and values of the people. It has been in this placement for a few years, but its influence has not been fully explored. This planet is in Capricorn the sign of power, status, and government. Pluto happens to be in the same place it was in 1773, just three years away from the American Revolution.

Hopefully, there will not be a war in the homeland, but the values of the nation are seriously divided. It is unfortunate that a sense of domination is brewing which will not be tolerated by those who will be subjected to it.

Pluto remains an issue that cannot be ignored, but unfortunately its influence is not being appreciated. The influence of this planet is about transformation. However, before change can occur, a bottom must be reached. In the case of the United States, the bottom has not come, and the seeds of rebellion are being sowed.

Psychic Predictions

This year, there will be little to pull us together as a country because the rancor and rhetoric will continue. There is no leader who has the moral authority to bring together the common values that are shared among the population. The division between Americans will cause companies to take sides and accept the consequences of their actions.

A highlight of the problem will be the realization that some private organizations hold more power than they should, and this issue will bring some unity to an otherwise divided America. The new bad guys are big tech, banks, and companies that attempt to force their agendas. A result of this fact will offer opportunities for new organizations to be born who hold opposing positions.

The pandemic will continue to be a problem due to the uneven distribution of its vaccine and the need to continuously adjust to its influence. COVID-19 will be with us for several years, thus creating a new lifestyle which avoids activities that were once taken for granted. Small group activities will be encouraged while large venues may not return for a few years.

A movement from large population areas will continue with people purchasing homes and land to avoid contact with others. Guns and firearm training will continue to be popular because of political unrest and the ideas of reimagining policing.

Space will be in the news, but the enthusiasm for it may not appear as great. Advances in space travel are going to continue, and the moon will be focus for future development. The new space race is on, but it will be private funding that pushes it forward.

Fanaticism will grow this year with the media being a major contributor to it. The public will react negatively to them and to each other, bringing more tension. Hollywood will start to divide, and new entertainment companies will be created.

A result of the tensions will be investment in new forms of currency and precious metals as people fear devaluation of fiat currencies and/or confiscation. It will not be unusual for average Americans to take some precautions ranging from protection of assets, acquisition of firearms, or stocking up on food reserves.

The economy runs the danger of overheating with inflation and devaluations of the currency on the horizon. Consequences are coming because of intransigence and a lack of pastoral leadership. This year will have some flash points, but the worst is yet to come.

You may see militias and private security organizations created and supported by groups of people with similar ideas. The authorities may divide soon if there are not changes much like they did prior to the Civil War. The leaders of these movements will be underground for now but will emerge when inflection points arise.


2021 will be a year when you will need to be flexible and make decisions based on facts and information you can verify. The unfortunate reality is that agendas are being pushed by the media, big tech, and powerful special interest groups, and they are not being held accountable for their behavior. The manipulation of information will have consequences at some point.

This year resonates the number “5”, and it means that there will be changes and chaos around you. It will test the foundation you utilized to cope in 2020. There will be a need to use your creativity to find balance and create a better life.

Astrologically, the movement of the planets and historical references mean we are headed for some troubled times. Society is transforming to adjust to a new age, but it is not without cost. It is unfortunate that there is possible pain and destruction for many


Psychic energy changes, but the predominant feeling is that polarization is not going away, and the possibility of anger boiling over on a large scale is coming. It may not be organized in 2021, but do not be surprise if there are not flashes of discontent and push back. A need for leadership and cooler heads is the best remedy for this situation. However, those individuals have not presented themselves at this point.

Finally, 2021 will require self-control and personal management of resources to a higher degree than normal. It may be difficult to be a spectator of the changes around you, but it could be a wise choice given the circumstances. A New Year always brings a sense of hope and promise. Try your best to be positive, and you should be just fine.

John Cappello is a psychic medium and Astrologer who has been in practice for over 25 years. For more information or to make an appointment for a consultation go to

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Joan Breit
Joan Breit
Feb 07, 2021

John, loved your astrology info! Two of my favorite are Ablas Ronald La Grand and

Kesenya Moore. Love and Light always!

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