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2022 Predictions, The year of consequence

Well, well, 2022 you are here, and we are not ready for the bag of events that you are bringing us. We did not expect 2021 to be as dramatic as it was because so many thought we would see a sense of normalcy return. 2021 was a year when we had to make big adjustments to our lives and, 2022, you look like a year when the consequences of those adjustments will need attention.

It is not like we were not warned of potential problems if there was a major power shift in government. We did not heed the predicted warnings about the negatives that could result from socialistic policies and the actions of those who wanted more control over our lives. On the contrary, we bought the media and party out of power arguments that things could be much better if there was a change.

The pandemic would be shut down, the economy and our status in the world would return to normal and we would be united as a country and happier. Climate change would be addressed, immigration would be humane, and additional social programs would help end poverty. Higher taxes were the answer because rich people and corporations would pay their fair share.

Instead, we have received more problems from the pandemic, inflation threatens the economy, and our world status has gone from stable to shaky. Our borders are no longer secure, crime is on the rise, our national debt continues to grow, spending increases have created incentives not to work, and our new leaders assure us that our problems are either our imagination or they are our fault, not theirs.

This year we can use the practices of Numerology, Astrology, and our Psychic Abilities to make predictions for 2022. These tools have been very successful in recent years and there is no reason to stop using them for 2022. The indications for 2022 are not as positive as you would like, but there are some bright spots to dwell upon.


2022 resonates with the number 6. It is a number that means responsible behavior is going to be required to be successful. A six-year is one that brings festering problems to the forefront. This is a time when things that have been neglected will need to be fixed.

The number six is about resolution and solutions. If a marriage has been in trouble, for example, it may end so that the parties of the union can go their separate ways. The solution of divorce is radical, but it may be the only recourse for handling issues.

Difficulties between individuals and their resolutions depend upon the personal year of the parties involved, this year will see an uptick in this area. The result will be that many people will be starting over and have new energy to face the future. In our country, the resolution of many issues will create more unrest and there will be more protests that could become violent.

A six-year is only a bad year if you allow the heaviness of responsibility to overwhelm you. It can be a year of moving forward because you have created a positive path to follow. You can grow and be happy in a six-year if you are paying attention to issues that need attention.

The number six is the responsible number in some people’s view because it is a time when you may take on new responsibilities such as getting married, having children, taking care of an aging or sick person, or paying down bills. It is a good time to assess where you are in life and shore up the areas where you need to trim. Sometimes you must get leaner in order to move forward in the future.

It is true that life is what you make it and in a six you there are opportunities that you need to recognize and take advantage of. You will be rewarded with your good decisions this year but if you are reckless you will pay a heavy price. This year look at the world in general and pay attention to your place in it and you will be just fine.


We have been waiting for this year to come for a while because the planets will aspect each other in such a way that the will of the strongest will prevail, at least for the moment. The unrest of the population, the economy, and decisions by the courts will make many, like several Astrologers, consider the breakup of the United States as we know it. The United States, however, will not break apart.

The poor leadership of the government will cause some recklessness to come to the forefront. Corruption will be at its highest point and rhetoric will need to be toned down. Cries about racism and equity will be at their loudest for decades with the recourse bringing violence.

Leaders of groups causing unrest will be exposed and consequences will come. There will be more resignations this year and they will involve exposing incompetence. The leadership will learn the hard way that moving too far to one side has consequences and a more methodical approach is needed if they are going to achieve any of their goals.

The planet Pluto remains the biggest player this year because of its return to its placement during the American revolution. This time the revolution is in values and resolving social issues. It is unlikely that an armed insurrection is going to happen, but stranger things have happened.

Pluto exposes corruption and its placement in Capricorn is about power and government. It's unwise for the government to overreach since the American public will not stand for attempts for totalitarian rule. The elections this year will be a rebellion against the control the government has exerted during the pandemic since the 2020 election and a move toward traditional values will return.

The sneaky nature of Pluto’s energy will continue the reveal the origins of the pandemic and it will point to the incompetence of the Chinese and the cruelty of some people in the research community. This exposure will result in new rules to protect the world population from this abuse of ethics. Hopefully, the world will be better off in the long run by reigning in the unscrupulous practices in this area.

Consequences will need to be imposed on those who acted with their agenda and not with the greater good in mind. A process is being enabled for accountability, but it will take a while for it to be fully implemented. Many people will resign before they will be held in check and their irresponsibility fully vetted.

Finally, our economy will continue to be transformed. A recession is on the horizon and cryptocurrency is continuing to find a place in a new asset class. Investing in this area will be risky but will start to be a part of a managed portfolio.

Psychic Predictions

I feel we are moving into a difficult time but one that can be successfully navigated if you are willing to make careful adjustments to your life. The “great resignation” is about making significant changes in people’s lives for the better. The attitude is “if not now then when?” is prevailing.

The workplace is changing. People want better living and work conditions. These are no longer areas that people will wait to get because the pandemic has caused a change of perspective.

There will be a rise in robotics because people are unwilling to do menial jobs that are low pay and low gratification. New world order is at hand and quality of life is more important than ever. Seeking a fulfilling life is on the minds of people today.

It is unfortunate that slavery, human trafficking are getting worse, and drug abuse is on the rise. These are consequences of a lax attitude toward illegal immigration and enforcement of current laws. There will be a backlash to these attitudes that will not be fully realized for years to come.

The next few years will be difficult because of the push of people and organizations with money who want to destabilize the foundations of the United States. It is causing a rise in crime, media, and government corruption. This period will end but there will be scars.

One person in the news will be Vice-President Kamala Harris. Her rocket rise to power will be challenged and calls for her stepping down will be loud. She may resign this year to place a more conventional person to be in her position to shore up a failing President Biden.


The year 2022 will be the year of consequence because many of the forces that have been allowed to make changes that have allowed more crime and chaos are being challenged. A six-year is one where the “brakes will come on” and sobering forces will start to say, “no more.”

Astrologically, the dwarf planet Pluto continues to make the news because it is in the position of a “return” in the chart of the United States. It ushered in the American Revolution, and it is creating revolutionary changes in money, values, and could make territorial changes in the country to reflect the attitudes of the people in various states. There could be a real division between rich states and poor states.

Psychically, the new world order is taking shape and traditional attitudes are starting to come back. The result will be a backlash toward the new “woke” movement and attitudes that have moved society too far to the left. Change is needed and will be made but there is recognition that it has gone too far in some areas.

Finally, the slowing of societal change is good because it has moved too far in some areas. An evolving society is healthy, but the process can be hard. 2022 was a year we were not quite ready for, but it is here, and we can handle it!

John Cappello, M.B.A. and practicing psychic medium for over 25 years. For more information or to book a reading contact him at


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