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7 Reasons Why Men Want Women to Like Their Beards from a Psychic

Today, people are looking for an “edge” in every area of life and being attractive is one of them. Being physically attractive is important to women and men, but for men a beard is an outward statement signaling the type of person he wants in his life. As a psychic, “I see” at least seven reasons men want women to like their beards.

1) Men want a woman who appreciate his taste in facial hair. He wants to be noticed by a woman who appreciates the look he is trying to portray. It is one of his ways to sort out potential mates because if a woman does not like his beard, he probably will not consider her to be a likely person he wants to have a major relationship. He may have other things on his mind but not something long term!

2) Men feel that a woman who likes is beard has a common perspective with him. The woman who likes the style of a man’s beard narrows the field of possibilities for him. A woman who likes a man’s beard makes him feel on top of the world and it ““piques”” his interest to want to know more about her. A relationship may not result, but it is a good opportunity to explore an opportunity. A friendship could develop because you are cool!

3) A man trusts a woman who likes his beard. Many women will openly state they do not like beards or any facial hair at all. They may not trust a man with it, and you should know the feeling is mutual. It is one of those non-verbal signals.

4) Men with beards want to make a statement of their masculinity and the more robust the beard the more male a man may feel. He is not ashamed of his “alpha male” appearance and wants to make the statement that he is viral and strong. Women who notice a man’s beard may receive a sexual response by them.

5) A man with an unusual beard wants a woman who wants an unorthodox man. He is saying “I am special” and want a unique woman. Can you handle it?

6) Men bond with other men with beards and they cling together in many cases. The man who cannot grow a beard feel a little intimidated by another man who can. In many cases, some facial hair is better than nothing and is a sign he wants to be accepted by his peers. Men want women to like his friends with beards or facial hair as well.

7) A wise woman pays attention to the way a man cares for his beard. He notices when you notice because he wants your attention. A compliment now and then about a man’s beard is important to him. He is more sensitive than you might think.

Men who do not have beards are not less masculine and no facial hair on a man may mean he has his own reasons for not wanting it. It does not mean they are not sensitive about their face. For example, you should not buy a man who uses a razor an electric razor in many cases. A razor man may not trust another man who uses an electric unit. It is just the way things are and it cannot be explained.

Communicating with men can be a struggle because they often give “yes” “no” or “I don’t know” answers to questions needing more detail. They do, however, communicate in their unique ways. It is good to be observant of their mannerisms, the clothes they prefer, and their grooming to reach their inner selves.


As a psychic, I observe with my psychic senses and recognize nuances in human behavior. Some women are attracted to a man’s voice and may not realize this is the most important thing for them. It may not be their appearance as one may expect. I have learned not to be surprised to recognize the special details for attraction.

Men can be just a “complicated” as women are portrayed. A psychic may be able to help you understand your relationship based on his facial hair. Believe it or not if you use a man’s beard to reach him you may receive some positive results. Compliment his beard and he will not forget it!

If you are a single woman dating a man with a beard, then you should know he appreciates you for accepting him. He would like a compliment about it sometime. You may have heard you can get a man through his stomach, but you should include his beard if he has one. It may sound strange but you should try out this new “tool” that you may not have considered in your past.

The holidays are just around the corner and figuring out an item your male significant other may desire may just be stroking his beard! Purchasing something he likes for his beard with keep him interested and appreciate you more than you think. He is not hard to please he just wants to be noticed and recognized for his great taste!

John Cappello is a practicing psychic medium from Texas. For more information or to book an appointment go to his website

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