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How Do Psychics and Mediums Use Crystals for Healing

Unless you have an interest in metaphysics, you probably would not ponder the use of crystals for healing. To most people, they are just rocks! People in the metaphysical community, however, believe that crystals hold power and that this power can be used for different purposes. One of the primary reasons psychics and mediums use crystals is for energy healing. Based on the needs of the client, stones can be used to facilitate changes in energy whether it is by strengthening, opening, balancing, or shifting.

Crystals are sort of an energy steroid that boost the healing process in the weak areas of a person’s life. Some areas of healing include coping with oppressive relationships, anxiety, lack of prosperity, and lack of purpose. Crystals may also be used for protection, grounding from trauma, and aiding against negativity in general. Psychics and mediums may also use these stones in ceremonies they conduct for a petition or desire that a client has requested and for reasons such as dream therapy and developing psychic abilities.

In addition to considering the client’s healing needs, psychics and mediums consider other factors when choosing a crystal. The client’s individual preference, the color and shape of the crystal, and its mineral characteristics can play a part in choosing specific stones.


Color is one of the first considerations when choosing a crystal for healing for color is directly related its frequency. The shade of the crystal’s color is also important. A lighter shade indicates that the overriding energy of the stone has a more light, spiritual aspect while a darker shade has an energy of intensity. A person seeking crystal energy as a source of healing should seek stones with a color profile that resonate with them. You are attracted to the color you need!

Red is the color for a strong will, sexuality, initiative, competition, survival, motivation, and security. Stones with this color profile may help a person build their willpower and assist them with motivation to pursue their path in life. Red stones can help create passion in a relationship and build confidence to get out and meet new people. Red is often associated with self-employed people due to their ability to be self-starters. This color helps develop personal security, and red stones are used for opening and balancing the Root Chakra.

Bloodstone, garnet, ruby and red river stones are some examples of red stones that may assist you in this area of healing.

Pink is the color of sensitivity, love, and passion. It assists a person with their self-esteem and with fighting depression. Pink (in addition to green as seen below) is associated with the Heart Chakra.

Rose quartz is a popular stone used for this purpose.

Orange is the color of the artist, creative ability, and detail. It is about sexuality, kundalini energy, and the desire for intimacy. Stones in this color family are associated with developing new ideas and approaches to situations. Orange-colored stones can be essential elements for solving long-term or chronic issues as they bring a fresh look to a situation. The Sacral Chakra is strengthened with an orange stone.

Carnelian and orange calcite are two examples of stones used for this purpose.

Yellow is the color of inspiration, intelligence, problem solving, optimism, and abundance. It is a color to help with depression and creating a new perspective. It assists in expressing emotions toward others. Yellow is associated with the Solar Plexus.

Citrine is a common quartz stone recommended for balancing in these areas.

Green is the color of healing, authenticity, money, and compassion. A person needing physical healing may want to carry or wear green crystals. The energy of green is helpful for this type of healing, but it can also help a person be more authentic and attract people who are drawn to a genuine personality.

Compassion and empathy are promoted with green crystals. They can be used for both sending these energies and receiving them from others. This color is associated with the Heart Chakra.

Several green stones such as malachite and emeralds are used in this area.

Turquoise is a color to enhance sensitivity, compassion, sophistication, loyalty, and joy. It is a stone for people with a broad perspective and who wish to consider the opinions of others. It assists those who are natural counselors. It is associated with the Throat Chakra, but many turquoise stones are said to open all chakras.

Aquamarine and turquoise stones are helpful to improve perspective.

Blue is the color of emotional healing, truth, intuition, high spirituality, and caring. The crystals with this color profile are about justice, kindness, and being emotional available for others. They assist their custodian with their ability to attract others who are faithful and who have a high emotional IQ. Blue helps with communication as well. It is associated with the Throat Chakra.

Lapis is and example of a blue stone you can use in this area.

Indigo is the color for clairvoyance, sensitivity, and deep feelings. It enhances being emotionally available. It is associated with the Third-Eye Chakra.

Amethyst and clear quartz crystals help enhance your third-eye chakra and your clairvoyance.

Lavender crystals and those with this color profile are about developing perspective and guard against narrow mindedness. They assist the custodian to be open to possibilities from “beyond the physical” and psychically tune into loved ones, guides, and angels. Being open to entities who may have wisdom to share is important for those who have trouble understanding others and their point of view. Lavender (as well as Indigo) is associated with the Third-Eye Chakra.

Violet stones are those special stones that allow people to be open to the Divine. These stones assist with their awareness of the Divine and allow the healing power of the Universe to come to them. Violet is the wisest of all colors, a sign of a visionary, futuristic thinking, and idealism. Violet stones assist in overcoming depression and rediscovering the wonder of life.

Violet is associated with the Crown Chakra.

Silver is the mineral of abundance, materially and spirituality, and being open to new ideas. Silver is used to help lift and change negative attitudes.

Gold is the mineral associated with receiving Divine guidance protection, wisdom, inner knowledge, intuitive thinking, and building wealth. It is about great perception and optimism.

Black stones are used for protection purposes. People who feel vulnerable to emotional or spiritual attacks may use these stones as healing tools. Trauma resulting from death, violence, or disappointments of any kind can be neutralized with these types of stones. Black Tourmaline and Obsidian are favorite protection stones.

White is about spirituality, purity, truthful, and angelic qualities. Milky quartz and Selenite are examples of stones used for attracting or enhancing these attributes.

Earth Color stones are used for grounding purposes. There are a variety of agate stones in this category. Hematite is a grounding stone and assists with blood circulation.


The energy characteristics of crystals are important factors to consider when using them. There are many good resources, such as The Crystal Bible, that can be very helpful in decerning the type of healing that emanates from a stone you are considering. Some crystals are used for raising vibrations while others are calming, grounding stones. It is best to shop in stores where many different types of crystals are displayed. You will be drawn to the crystals that resonate with your energy.

It is said that the custodian of the crystals will come for them. This is particularly true with crystals with a shape. Crystal balls, skulls, and other shapes speak to us in a sense. Some types of crystals have spirits that are attached to them.

The quartz and agate families of stones are popular for healing and protection. There is a wide variety from which you can choose based on your personal use. In Indian cultures, for example, stones are used to mitigate the natural negative tendencies that an individual has based on their Astrological Chart.


The texture and shape of a stone are also qualities that are considered when choosing them for healing. A tumbled rose quartz stone may be used for holding by a person in need of developing their self-esteem. The smoothness and energy of a tumbled stone as opposed to the quartz in its raw form may be more soothing and calming to a person in need of this kind of energy.

Many crystals are carved to specific shapes, and this can be a factor in the healing qualities that they provide. It is said that crystal skulls are particularly helpful for healing people because the energy striking the skull is most like the energy striking a person. Animal shapes are also popular because they provide energy associated with that animal.

Horse energy, for example, is helpful for those needing to move forward in life. The horse has contributed to mankind’s progress in ways that no other animal has in history. This energy may assist in developing confidence and a “never give up” attitude. Turtle energy is another positive power for it is about being methodical and persevering.

You can refer to books on animal spirits and guides to choose the type of crystal animal you want for your special need.


Crystals are beautiful, natural, healing, and decorative. Find what resonates with you. Do a little research on them and find the ones that you have an attraction. A trusted psychic or medium can be a good resource for you if you need some help as well. You will enjoy having them in your home!

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