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Is Karmic Debt Getting You Down

Have you ever felt like you are unlucky or that there is another force stopping you from getting ahead in life? You are not alone. Many people feel this way, and the reasons may be elusive. Paranoia, the idea that a supernatural force is at work, or an overall feeling of doom are all examples of presentiments that can influence you. However, you may settle on another reason. You may consider that your difficulties are related to a karmic debt you owe.

Karma is believed to be derived from previous actions, in this life or from a previous one, and the consequences of those actions can range from mild to severe. If you cannot identify any egregious behavior in which you have engaged in this life, you may conclude that your “bad luck” is due to karma from a past life.

Issues Related to Karma

The concept of karmic debt is associated with a wide variety of issues in life. The following is only a partial list of “life problems” that people often associate with karma:

v Difficulty with relationships

v Inability to make money

v Abandonment issues

v Family issues

v Bad luck in love, forming partnerships, bad luck in general

v Addictive behavior

v Chronic health, physical issues, or disabilities

v Losing mobility

v Being accident prone

These and other kinds of conditions that may plague you could give you the impression that you are paying off a karmic debt. It may appear, no matter what you do, that your difficulties persist.

Working through issues in this life are challenging enough. Feeling like you need to worry about things you may or may not have done in a past life is especially problematic. It is frustrating to think about paying for “crimes” from an uncertain past. The limitations you carry due to karmic debt are not acceptable, but what should you do? If you are convinced that you are stuck in a past-life loop, you might ask yourself, “Why me?”, or “How do I settle this debt?”

Real Meaning of Karma

Karma or finding yourself in chronic, frustrating, or permanent situations means that a new or fresh approach needs to be considered. When you are not thriving and realize that you are “just going through the motions” in life, then you may need to change your environment. Change is never easy, but acceptance of being miserable is not either.

The Universe may be communicating to you that something is out of balance for you, and it is preventing you from living a positive life. The reality is that once you recognize that you are not moving in a good direction, you may be able to fix it. When the Universe is giving you signals to change, you should pay attention to them before you are forced to make alterations.

It is the Universe that gives you tools to make corrections before circumstances force you to change. Settling your karmic debt means you must be in control to make things better. Being in control means making a plan and following through with it.

A Proactive Approach

Dealing with the issues of life are never easy, but you should start with your attitude toward any chronic issues that appear to trouble or suppress you. A healthy attitude toward life and the limitations presented to you will give you options to move forward. Knowing your limitations gives you power to adapt and make the most of your situation.

Using our personal power to create solutions in our lives is essential for everyone. However, if you feel that crisis follows you, it is even more important for you to use these tools to manage your life. You may find it exhausting, but you should take the time to evaluate the macro or big picture view of your circumstances. Consider the challenges you face and develop a plan to place yourself in a positive position. This is a good start!

If you feel like it is always raining in your life, get an umbrella! If you feel like you are unlucky and always fighting difficulties in your life, you need to put yourself in a position where you can succeed. While many options may not be available to you, you need to find your place. Changing your address, personal behavior, friends, relationship, treatments, job, or some other facet of your life may move you to a place you where you do not feel threatened.

Your environment will either allow you to thrive or cause you to continue along your current course of frustration. If you are disabled, chronically ill, or find yourself in a position of any type of suffering, surround yourself with positively motivated people who are suffering from similar issues. They may be able to provide a different, helpful perspective. The conscious effort to change the “energy” around you will help you heal.

The willingness to adapt and be mindful of your mental and emotional wellbeing is essential for a happy and productive life. Making a proactive plan and relying on a healthy support system is helpful. Your success may involve a trusted friend, family member, therapist, or developing your spiritual life.


Karma is often an excuse to keep doing things the same way and getting the same futile results. Sometimes it is the fault of others, and sometimes it is our fault that we keep dealing with the same problems again and again. Other times, there are circumstances that are beyond our control.

Creating a plan to transform your life is not easy. Your attitude and working within your limitations are critical factors in developing a positive environment in which to thrive. If possible, it is also important to maintain a good support system to assist you with your efforts.

What you can do next

Think or dream about creating a wonderful, beautiful life and then set out to make that life a reality. It is your responsibility to make your life great. The Universe may be nudging you to change with the concept of karmic debt. It is time you settled it once and for all!

Using the services of a therapist, life coach, or a psychic are all good options to help you with your quest.

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