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Mediumship and Coincidence

This year, it is my plan to discuss the mediumship aspect of my work so you can have an idea of my experiences and the incredible connection between the spirit world and our physical one. My work does not involve anything extraordinary except for observing the energy around people and sensing the presence of spirits around them. I want to share with you a real-life situation that moved me and have validated that ability to receive messages from spirit is not a coincidence.

Our loved ones communicate with us from the Spirit world in forms that we understand or by any way they are capable. You may ignore signs from them as coincidence but I have come to understand that accepting unusual occurrences as possible attempts for communicating can be a powerful healing experience. It is an act of love on their part and a sign they are okay in their new environment. A person in Spirit can contact us by activating our psychic or our physical senses.

Spirit Circle Experience

The story that I am about to share is one that involved a Spirit Circle that I conducted in the dark many years ago. A Spirit Circle is a public demonstration of mediumship skills and I like to do them in the dark so there is no “light clutter” or prompting from participants. It is best that I do not know anything about the people that I am about to read so the credibility and accuracy of the information is undeniable to any skeptic in the room.

My sponsor for the event did not tell me anything because they knew I did not want any information about the people I was going to read. I did not know my sponsor had been approach by some people who had lost their child in a boating accident. They were desperate for answers and turned to a metaphysical venue because nothing else soothed their grief.

You might call the situation a set up, but I never mind this type of situation because I can only give information given to me or that I sense. If it comes then that is okay and if it does not, then I cannot manufacture the information. It is best not to lead me when I start receiving messages, but I do need clarification of the information because it comes in fragments and piecing the information together can be like putting together a puzzle.

When the group session began the grief in the room was heavy and the first person, I read was one of the ones who had the greatest weight around her. I often read the person with the most intense energy first it tends to loosen things up and that energy will not dominate the room, in other words, it lightens things up. Sometimes I read the most skeptical person in the room first to get that out of the way. In this case, it was clear to me that the lady I was reading was grieving over the death of a young teenage girl.

The information flowed easily, and it was clear a young woman was in the water and suffered a tragedy. She died at the scene and she wanted her family to know she was with them and that she was okay in the spirit world. The lady I read felt like a mother figure to her, but she was a neighbor who had grown close to her and loved her very much. Mom and Dad were in the room, so it started to make sense why the energy was so intense.

Many details were clear to me and it helped those attending receive some closure. They were grateful for the information that came in the Spirit Circle and expressed their thanks to me. The actual story of the events was interesting, and therefore I want to share it with you.

The Story (the name has been changed)

It was a sunny morning in June when Emma received a phone call from her friend asking her if wanted to go swimming in the lake that day. Emma told her that she would have to ask her mom if she could go but she did not think it would be a problem. When she asked her mom permission, it was given with the request that she let her know she arrived at the lake. Mom just wanted to make sure her beautiful daughter who was a star athlete and honor student was going to be safe at the lake with her friends.

Emma agreed to contact her mom and went off to the lake to meet with her friends. A couple of hours went by and mom never heard from Emma. Instead, the police called. There had been an accident. Emma had been injured at the lake. A person in a boat had struck her while she was basking in the sun in a large inner tube. She was being summoned to the hospital.

Suddenly the beautiful June day had become dark and sinister. An unknown future awaited mom but she could not think about a catastrophic event. It was important to stay together emotionally and place everything else aside. Her baby girl was in need and she had to act rationally and with purpose. A check list of things started popping into her mind and she had to act with caution, calm resolve, and speed to go to the aid of her child.

Mom called the rest of the family together and everyone rushed to Emma’s aid. When the family and others arrived at the hospital, they learned Emma had died. Her injuries were so severe that she could not be revived. The boat hit her inner tube and the blades of the boat severed the teenager’s right arm and injured her torso. She did not have a chance. The captain of the boat was drunk and was speeding in the waters reserved for swimmers. The tragedy was so horrific it made the evening news.

Emma’s family sat at the hospital in total shock. How could this happen? It was surreal, and it was something that could not be happening to their family. This was something out of the news and not an event that would ever happen to them. No one had any answers and the reality of the family star being ripped away from them by a drunk boater was unimaginable.

The family was in a very unfamiliar place and someone had to take control of the situation. They had to start making some decisions that no family should have to make. They stayed together to discuss their options. It was hard for anyone to speak. The words just were not coming to anyone. They just sat there in disbelief, numb from the day’s events. It seemed like everyone was looking to mom for comfort. She just sat there not knowing what to say or do. Her precious daughter was gone.

It was in a moment when everyone seemed to be silent that mom’s phone vibrated. She was receiving a text. Mom reached in her purse and looked at the phone. The text was from Emma. It said, “I arrived okay. Love you!” Mom was in total disbelief.

This message said so much is just a few words. It was the confirmation that Emma arrived at the lake okay, but it turned out to mean so much more. Emma had arrived in heaven and was okay. The eerie message appeared to be from the spirit world. The family’s grief was overwhelming but there was a strange feeling of comfort that Emma was still with them. She was just in spirit.

Being open to spirit is not as easy as you might think. The rational reason for Emma’s message to arrive in her mother’s phone is simple. There must have been something wrong with the cellular network. It does not make much sense to consider anything else except for the fact that it was just the right thing to comfort a family in total shock. The knowledge that Emma arrived okay and that she was still with them was perfect.

This simple message had so much meaning that will remain with those present for the rest of their lives. It was cathartic in nature. A simple text message validated the continuity of life and made a horrific event in the lives of a family more surreal in some ways. An ordinary June day would now be embedded in the minds of those close to Emma. The message strengthened a bond with those who loved Emma and made them feel more connected than ever.

The facts of the incident prompted Emma’s friends and family to seek answers but when traditional methods did not satisfy their needs they chose to move to the unconventional. They began to seek answers from the metaphysical community. Ultimately, this led them to me.


Skeptics will pass this incident off as coincidence but instances like the one just described happen all the time. I have learned that stories about Spirit are common. Most people do not share their experiences because they do not want to be challenged or ridiculed by their experiences. They keep precious moments silent. We have been taught that communication with those is spirit is not to be done. My experience has demonstrated to me that it is natural.

Mediumship or Coincidence

The connection with the spirit world is genuine in my opinion. It is said that there are no coincidences and if this is true then there must be a higher power planning these situations to happen regularly. Any type of communication from the spirit world is a form of mediumship.

Mediumship has many facets to it and one of them is about communication. It is also about healing and can validate unexplainable events and I know this because I have spent over 25 years proving it. In addition, I do not believe I am “exclusive” in this area and that communication from the spirit world is common.

The story I have shared with you may be one that you can relate. Loved ones try to let us know they are okay.

My mother passed away in 2019 and since she did there are lights turning off and on and other unusual instances where I believe she has caused. This type of phenomena has been reported to me by others during the years and now I can attest to it as well. It is an honor to have a loved one stay in touch with us and another validation of the continuity of life.

This year, I hope you will join me in my explanation of my experiences and if you wish to send me information about your encounters with spirit, I will be happy to know them. You are not strange in any way because of your experiences. Exploring the connection between the spirit world and the physical world is a journey. I will be sharing mine with you this year.

John Cappello is a psychic medium who has been in practice for over 25 years. For more information or to book a session go to


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