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Mediumship and the Appearance of loved ones

Every medium has his or her special signals that they use to sense spirits around clients. Whether a medium is trained or is a natural, they notice whether a spirit is a person, guide, angel, or another type of entity. It is a good practice to be aware of the nuances of spirit appearances by keeping an open mind and trusting your own psychic abilities.

Professional and Trained Mediums

Professional and trained mediums often have their own techniques they use to demonstrate their authenticity. You may notice when some mediums are working in public, they may call out a name or say they are sensing a particular event to gain a response from an audience. They may narrow down a specific spirit by waiting for verification from an audience member to acknowledge. Once a spirit is identified, more information is given.

A physical change or some other indication of a connection is often made by mediums. These manifestations can be in the form of a twitch or the appearance of being in trance to demonstrate a spirit is making their presence known. These visible cues from mediums are well documented, and their authenticity should be judged by the accuracy of the information they provide.

Edgar Cayce, the most famous of all psychics, mediums, and channels, was known for being in a trance when he gave his readings. He is very well respected, and his work continues to be widely studied because of his extraordinary abilities. Cayce’s legacy is one for the ages. However, you should not discount or dismiss your own abilities to sense a spirit around you.

Know Thyself

The first good practice is to know your psychic strengths. Your psychic skills are an extension of your physical senses, and it is inevitable that you will sense the presence of loved ones. Psychic feelings, for example, will allow you to feel the presence of a spirit and specifically identify a loved one.

Clairvoyance will allow you to notice visual cues of a loved one around you. If you are reading for another person, you can identify a spirit from the position they occupy around the client. Men can appear on the right, women on the left, and children and pets in front of them.

Hearing the voice of a person is a clear identification of a person in spirit, and you may be able to recognize the voice of a loved one. With psychic hearing, it is clear the voice you are hearing is not your internal voice. The personality will be different from that of your conscious thinking.

Knowing a spirit is around can involve the thinking process. If you are thinking of them then they are probably with you. Your claircognizance is at play in this case, and it should not be ignored.

The senses of psychic smell and taste are also commonly used to identify a spirit. Your grandmother’s perfume may be a smell you recognize, or you may taste her famous apple pie. These cues are wonderful indications that you are receiving a visitation!

Mediumship and the Presence of Loved Ones

Our society believes in the afterlife but remains skeptical about connecting with those who have died. Professional mediums use their skills to demonstrate the continuity of life, but their work depends upon verification by clients to prove the authenticity of the information they give. The most famous psychic in the world, Edgar Cayce, did his work in a trance and his work remains a remarkable testament to communicating with the Spirit World.

Your ability to connect with loved ones who have died involves being openminded and sensitive to your psychic senses. When you know the level of your skills, you can be comforted by accepting the signs your loved ones are giving you from their new home. The acceptance of your psychic abilities and the signals you are receiving can bring you peace and healing, especially if you are in grief.

John Cappello is a practicing psychic medium and author. For more information or to book a reading go to


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