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Pluto, The Planet of Transformation And Today

In Astrology, the reality of change goes with the territory because the planets are in constant motion. If you are not willing to “go with the flow” you may suffer consequences that you are not prepared to accept. The dwarf planet Pluto is known as the planet of transformation and its current placement is causing profound changes in the United States that will affect you if you are not flexible.

Pluto is transiting Capricorn, the sign of power and authority, and is currently in the second house, the house of values and money, of the United States, and it is significant to recognize this placement. The importance of our country’s natal second house means that our society’s values and financial systems are changing. It means that you will need to be flexible during this period or accept consequences.

Pluto in the 1700s

The last time Pluto was in this position, was in the late 1700” s, a time of great unrest in the 13 British colonies that became known as the United States. During that time, a corrupt unresponsive government was unfairly threatening property rights the civil liberties of the people. The ensuing revolt was the American Revolution.

Rebels like George Washington risked their lives fighting the oppression of the ruling government and eventually prevailed giving property rights and liberties back to the people. The constitution codified those rights and the new country prospered under the new rules. All, however, was not perfect under the new regime with inequalities remaining towards a slave population and women.

The country moved to a unified system of finances. The dollar took the place of colonial currencies circulated by the former colonies. There was agreement on a new financial system within the country that unified the states.

American values were formed highlighting a “bill of rights”, but there remained issues that were deferred until another time. A couple of these issues were slavery and the right to vote for women. The inflexibility of the people would later result in a civil war that ended slavery and constitutional changes allowing women to vote.

Pluto’s Return

Today, the United States faces similar challenges that existed in the 1700s. Pluto’s return to the exact degree it was during the unrest in the 1770s is revealing the corruption in government, abuses toward property rights, inequities toward minority populations, and a financial system in need of change. A divided population is causing unrest that has the potential for revolution/civil war to break out if there are no changes.

Transformation is never easy but is necessary for growth and clarity. Whether your opinions are on the right or the left of the center you will need to be flexible and allow this transformation to take place. If not, the consequences may be severe yet unknown.

The emergence of cryptocurrency is a sign of transformation in financial markets. This nascent financial space is a harbinger of the future and learning about is a good thing. Cryptocurrencies are here to stay, but it will take time for them to become a part of our culture.

Reality Check

Unlike the late 1700s, there are mechanisms in place that allow for transformational change. A representative government and voting by the population allow for changes to occur. The foundations of the country can withstand transformation but even they require flexibility by the population.

The United States can undergo profound change if people are flexible. If not, there could be death, destruction, and financial ruin throughout the land. It is hard to imagine such difficulties in these times but the reality of polarization and intransigence is a possibility.


Astrology is a maligned practice, but it has withstood time. It has remained a source of wisdom because hindsight has proven it to be a valuable tool. The planets are in constant motion and the change they foretell is about achieving perfection, clarity, and the nature of the Universe.

Pluto was a harbinger of transformation in the 1700s. The Pluto return to the same position it was in during the 1700s is a message from the universe that there is another transformation here. If you are flexible, then you will be able to flow with the needed changes because this planet will not leave the second house of the United States until 2032.

In the 1700s, the rebels were people who had a cause, they fought, and they won. They created a new foundation that remains today. Their wisdom from the hardships they faced is speaking to us today. They gave us a system that is changeable, and we would be wise to work within it.

Our world today has inequalities that need addressing. Those who want a revolution must offer changes for the better or face grave consequences. If their ideas are good they will be adopted, but if they are not they will not be accepted.

It is unfortunate that there may be another revolution/civil war in this country due to the polarization of our society. Hopefully, cooler heads will prevail, and differences resolved. If not, Astrology teaches us about change, the natural order of the Universe, and the consequences for those who are not flexible.

John Cappello, M.B.A., Psychic Medium, Astrologer, and Author has used his business acumen and knowledge in metaphysics to assist people with life changes. For more information go to his website at

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