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Practical Coping in Covid 19 Times

Anxiety is becoming a major problem during this unique time we are facing with the Covid virus and it is only natural for people to be worried. The lack of knowledge and direction for going back to work and school contributes to uncertainty. This means that you must take matters into your own hands and determine the healthiest behaviors to move forward. The reason is your previous sense of normality has probably changed. Here are some practical suggestions for coping and relieving stress:

1. Follow practices to avoid contracting the Covid 19 virus.

2. Exercise because this keeps your mental faculties sharp and focused.

3. Keep a healthy diet or create one to watch your weight and help prevent disease.

4. Take advantage of any assistance given to you to mitigate any financial hardships.

5. Volunteer to help others or give blood. Stay home if you are a caregiver or at high risk for the virus. If you need help, ask for it.

6. Catch up on projects that have been neglected at home. This includes medical checkups!

7. Renew or repair relationships.

8. Go back to work or school when conditions are favorable to do so.

9. Keep an open mind. If you are proactive, adaptable, flexible, and positive you will be okay.

10. Make time for or develop a spiritual life. Prayer helps to strengthen character and resolve.

Some of these suggestions may not be possible for you but they should be considered. They are ideas that can help you cope with the anxiety that has emerged during this extended time of the pandemic. A long-term strategy that suits your life must be developed, but it is only you who can determine what that is. Thoughtful consideration of your circumstances will allow you to figure out the best methods to move forward.

If it is possible to use these Covid 19 times to improve your life, then you should do it. Prioritizing your aspirations and setting new goals is a good idea. This is a time to strengthen or create a new foundation. This could mean getting out of debt or starting a savings plan. You must consider your situation to make your life better.

The idea of a plan to start a new normal is okay. This pandemic appears to be with us for an extended time so you cannot allow these events to control your life. The best path is to have a mindset to do something that will work for your family and you. This approach will assist you in relieving anxiety.

It is easy to fall into a trap of negative or unhealthy actions. If you engage in behaviors such as drug abuse, excessive drinking, or becoming completely inactive then you will suffer the consequences of them eventually. Recovering from the affects of the virus are bad enough without inflicting self-destructive deeds.

We are in an environment that has very few references to use for a path forward. The experience and history of other pandemics teaches us that a virus does not go away without a determined approach to be rid of it. Scientists are closing in on treatments and a vaccine to defeat it, but it is taking time.


A willingness to take control of your personal life is a good approach because waiting for leaders to have the answers is not a good one. Leaders may be able to set a general direction but a “one size fits all approach” is not going to work. There are too many different lifestyles to have this philosophy.

The Covid 19 virus has demonstrated that it will be with us longer that we anticipated but excessive worry will not solve the problem. Life is different now. A pro-active and flexible attitude is the best defense and offense during this time. You must assess your family’s and your circumstances to create a reality that keeps everyone safe and positively works for you.

John Cappello is a natural psychic medium who has been in practice for over 25 years. For more information please go to his website at

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