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Psychic Ability is the Engine of Creativity

Creativity is a gift that improves and enriches your life. Your creative talent is a treasure that brings joy, insight, and innovation that cannot otherwise be achieved. You will use your imagination to play a role with creativity, but it is your psychic ability that is the true engine of this wonderful aspect in your life.

Psychic ability does not often get the credit it deserves as an element of creativity; however, it is an essential aspect that requires recognition. This faculty is heightened in some people, and if you are one of these gifted individuals, you may be misunderstood at times.

Creativity Falls Within the Definition of Psychic Ability

Psychic ability is defined as the soul’s capacity to capture information from beyond the limits of our physical senses. Creativity fits within this definition and is therefore fueled by psychic ability because new ideas often come from no where!

However, the capacity of each person’s consciousness (soul) to be open and accept the energy of the Universe is an individual matter.

Creativity is often viewed by others as genius because it results in new, simple, and sometimes revolutionary ideas or inventions. It simplifies complexities and solutions that were either missed or not considered. The result of originality is often ahead of its time.

Geniuses are people that look at issues and situations differently from others. Their approach can appear unworldly, but the result of their observations or innovation makes sense once it is evaluated. If you are one of these individuals, give yourself credit. You are tapping into the Universe with your psychic abilities, especially the ability of claircognizance.

Claircognizance and Genius

All your psychic abilities contribute to your creativity, but it is claircognizance that is of special importance. It is defined as the mind’s capacity to capture ideas from beyond the physical. The mind, being one of your physical senses, accepts new ideas that simply drop into it.

The new idea is quickly adopted by your other psychic senses and then your physical senses to make the idea a reality. This is the way the engine works! Genius! Right?

You will have a flow of inspiration that you will want to immediately jot down or place into action. It works quickly and without warning. Creativity is exhilarating and uplifting, leaving you with wanting more!

Inspiration is the Finest Expression of Psychic Ability

Inspiration is one of those areas that comes from a spark or revelation. This spark is sudden and seem to originate out of the blue. It is one of those aha moments in life that is priceless.

When you experience sudden insights such as these, you will want more of them. However, they can be rare for some people. If you are patient and allow the energy of the Universe to flow through, you will be rewarded. Your creativity can inspire others to take your original idea to another level. It may be your psychic ability that fuels your ideas and becomes a part of the engine of creativity for others.

Creativity and inspiration are not just about one area of life. It includes all areas of the human experience. Science and technology, religion, philosophy, social behavior, medical innovations, and the arts are all essential areas where psychic ability moves humanity forward.

Psychic Ability is the Engine of Creativity

Genius can be looked upon as being odd before it is accepted, so do not feel ashamed of being different. The courage to express yourself is never easy, but once your inspiration is understood, you will be a hero.

Your idea may not be the final solution, but it could be the inspiration for someone else to finish the job. It may be your psychic ability that gets the ball rolling and fuels the engine of creativity. You may feel different because your ideas are new, but do not be afraid to accept the ideas that are out of the box. You could change the world!

John Cappello is a practicing psychic medium and is available for private consultations. Go to for more information.

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