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Signs a Loved One is Trying To Connect With You From The Spirit World

The loss of a loved one is a traumatic event that is difficult to process because you do not want to lose their company. You believe in an afterlife and want to stay connected to the person you just lost but do not understand the ways that you can do it. The truth is that your loved one wants to stay connected to you as well and there are signs that they give you that they are trying to do just that!

A loss brings with it a grief cycle that cannot be ignored because it can take over your life if you allow it. Grief highlights the sadness you feel from your loss and causes you to be reflective of your relationship with your loved one. During the process of healing from your grief, it is important to pay attention to your surroundings and be aware of your psychic abilities, and personal annoyances.

Be Open for Communication

The first step in realizing that a loved one is attempting to communicate with you is to be open to it. Using your physical senses and your psychic abilities allows you to do this. Noticing unusual events in your life and those that come to you from the spirit world or nowhere are important signals.

If you pay heed to your surroundings, you will learn that your loved one has only left you because their physical body could no longer support their soul. Your relationship with them has changed from being physical and spiritual to just spiritual. The important issue is that it has not ended, it has only changed.

Your mission is to be aware of their presence and accept that they are okay. Their communication from the spirit world is comforting and will assist you in recovering from your grief. It is not the only solution for healing but your acceptance that your loved one is trying to connect with you can be life-changing.

Five Ways Your Loved Ones From Spirit Are Trying To Contact You

Physical Signs of Spirit Communication

If you can separate your sadness from your everyday life and take note of your surroundings, then you may notice moments that are not ordinary. You may suddenly feel their presence around you. These feelings can be comforting and give you a sense that your loved one’s presence has never left the physical world.

These moments can include lights turning on or off without directly managing them or other electronic devices seemingly operating on their own. Other visual cues can come to you by seeing something out of the corner of your eye or an apparition of your loved one. Your mind’s eye may experience seeing your loved one during a dream or a meditation.

These examples are common when a person from the spirit is trying to communicate with you. Electrical appliances or electronic devices appear to be some of the first demonstrations from a loved one in spirit that they are still around. It is an acknowledgment that they are okay and continue to exist in the spirit world.

They may not be able to work with commands from you, but there will be some undeniable circumstances that will allow them to identify themselves. It is possible that a song that you enjoyed with them suddenly comes on that reminds you of them. The sound of their voice can suddenly come into your head.

The sound of a person’s unique walk or expressions they used coming from an expected source is a sigh they are trying to reach you. A device they used can turn on or off without warning. Physical incidents can present you with evidence that your loved one is around.

Sometimes you just know a loved one is present. The thought of them just drops into your head and you recount a moment with them. Thoughts of a loved one can come to you when a decision that you would consult with them about has come. They are with you to give you, their support.

Other physical signs that a loved one is attempting to contact you are fragrances that you associate with them that can appear around you. You may notice a powder, cologne, or a cigarette odor that would be commonly around your loved one but is not there at this moment. The smell can be as real as if the person was next to you at the time.

Another can be the flavor of a favorite food that reminds you of them. Your grandmother’s apple pie can be an example of this type of communication. Taste is not always thought of as a way of spirit communication, but it is a powerful message that can be given to you if you are open to it.

Additional Signs of a Spirit Attempting to Connect

Sometimes you may notice your ear or nose twitching. These and other physical annoyances can be an indication of a spirit attempting to contact you. You may have your experiences that you may recognize as a prompt from someone in Spirit.

These physical manifestations that you notice are powerful signs that your loved one remains in your life and can create noticeable events to get your attention. It is up to you to acknowledge them when you suddenly start sneezing or you have a bout with hiccups. If you do have these occurrences and want to associate them with Spirit communication, it is okay.

Feeling Touched By A Loved One in Spirit

Signs a Loved One is Trying to Connect with You

The loss of a loved one is a terrible event in your life and cannot be discounted. The need you have to communicate with them in the Spirit World is matched by their desire to connect with you from their new home in another dimension. The Spirit World is just another realm that you will experience during the journey of your soul.

Spirits must learn about their environment and their abilities to create movement or change in the physical world. Some of them never learn or possibly decide to communicate because they choose to be at rest and be at peace. Others use whatever means they can find to make their presence known and you must be open to their attempts and acknowledge them when they create these moments of their presence.

Your grief cannot be ignored, but the effect from it can be somewhat muted if you pay attention to the signs that your loved one is trying to communicate with you from the Spirit World. The physical and psychic impressions you receive from them can be comforting and ease your pain. There is a joy knowing your loved one has conquered death and they are trying their best to just say “hello” from the Spirit World.

John Cappello, M.B.A., Psychic Medium, Author, and Speaker has been in the field of metaphysics for over 25 years. For more information or to book a session go to

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