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The Virgin Mary, a Forgotten American Story, and Spirit Guides

The month of May is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, but many people know very little about her, the many stories about the miracles, and apparitions she has to her credit. She is an important spirit guide for those in the metaphysical community and religious people. The following story is about a woman in Wisconsin who claimed to see her in a field and caused a great deal of controversy.

The Wisconsin Apparitions

The Washington Post published this story, ‘Pray and pray hard’: When 100,000 waited to see the Virgin Mary on a Wisconsin farm in August 2018 about claims of Mary Van Hoof, a Wisconsin mother, and homemaker. The Virgin Mary is not a deity and should not be worshiped, but she is a spirit of interest. She fits the description of a spirit guide who assists us in facing our fears. The messages that she gives those who see her are timeless and in the case of this story relevant today.

Spirit Guides

I am posting stories about the Virgin Mary because the messages she gives are timeless and helpful. They are about paying attention to spirit guides who appear and want to offer support to us during difficult times. This Wisconsin story merges the metaphysical community with a religious one but does not promote either community.

The Virgin Mary shows up in many readings and her appearances are insightful for a client. She represents feminine nurturing energy and a sense of safety that only a mother or mother figure can provide. If you feel, see, hear, or know she is present around you then you are privileged.

You do not have to be Catholic to have her around you. She shows up everywhere, but many people do not recognize her as the Virgin Mary. It does not matter because it is the energy around this special lady that is most important.

Spirit Guides are around you but you may not want to let others know about them. Mary Von Hoff, the Wisconsin mom, and believer had the courage to tell others about her special guide and was ridiculed and even tested to prove she was not mentally ill. You may fear being treated differently once you have proclaimed that you have spirit guides around you.

The Forgotten Story

The apparitions in the Wisconsin field near Green Bay, Wisconsin are not widely known but they made a positive impact on thousands of people. The messages she gave are very special and your guides may give you important messages as well. It takes a little courage to admit you have guides because of the stigma it can cause.

In a world where role models are difficult to find the Virgin Mary stands out because she is an actual historical figure who is a guide that you can admire. The life she led and the perseverance she had are aspirational. Her Wisconsin appearances in the 1950s are not well-known but her messages are relevant today.

This Mother's Day is a good time to dwell upon the goodness of your mom or a mother figure in your life. The positive qualities of moms cannot be ignored and they are exemplified by the Virgin Mary's appearances. The child in you knows there is no better place to be than with your mom. Do not forget her this Mother's Day!

John Cappello, M. B. A., Psychic Medium, Author of metaphysical books and children's books about angels. For more information go to


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