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What to Expect From a Medium & Your Reading That Makes It Different From Other Healing Arts

The loss of a loved one is a traumatic experience and living without them can be difficult. Healing from the grief of loss is a process and some people employ the use of a medium to contact their loved one in spirit to assure they are okay and thriving in their new life. Mediumship has nuances that are different from other healing arts that you should have awareness. If you are thinking about getting a reading from a medium, there are a few areas of consideration.

First, you should have reasonable expectations with any esoteric practice, whether it is a reading by a medium or enlisting another type of metaphysical healing art. There is no difference in this regard. Secondly, you should consider researching a practitioner first, and use your own intuition to assist you in deciding the route you should choose to achieve your desired goal. Thirdly, it is essential that you consider your comfort level when using these types of healing modalities. Getting out of your comfort zone is never easy!


A practicing medium is a person who can give you accurate information about a loved one or a person in spirit that is verifiable by sensing their presence. A medium can provide you with confirmation of the continuity of life and the safe passage of a loved one in spirit, and they can assist you in recovering from the grieving process. If you are seeking this type of healing, you should consider using this type of service to meet your needs.

Verification of the Continuity of Life

We believe in the continuity of life as a culture. Generally, the major religions and most belief systems in the world hold that once the body can no longer support the human soul, the soul continues in another dimension. There are differences between believers about the name of the place where the soul goes to reside, but the concept that another dimension exists, different from the physical place where people live, is a staple. Skeptics and atheists are examples of the exceptions.

The name of the “other” dimension where spirits reside may be called heaven, purgatory, limbo, hell, the Elysian Fields, the Spirit world, or Valhalla, for example. There are many other names, but the ones we have mentioned tend to be the most popular. The common theme for them all is the fact that this dimension is beyond the physical.

Safe Passage of a Loved One

The loss of a close loved one is devastating, and the grieving process is often difficult to overcome. A message from a loved one through a medium can be very helpful. When a third party validates information from a loved one in spirit that they would otherwise have no way of knowing, it is very powerful. It is a comforting to know that a loved one has made a successful transition from their physical form to a spiritual one.

A medium can assist you in validating instances when you believe someone you have lost is trying to communicate with you. It may be that you are noticing events or circumstances that remind you of a loved one that are out of the ordinary. Although no guarantees can be made, it is through a medium that many of these unusual events can receive some validity.

Assisting in the Grieving Process

A message from a person in the Spirit world can be something very simple or appear insignificant to an unaffected individual, but it can be priceless to a grieving person. A small verifiable fact that is given to someone who is very sad can change their perspective of life. It may give them hope that one day they will be reunited with the person they treasured.

There is also, however, danger associated with longing to join a loved one in Spirit before it is time to naturally join them. It is important to realize that we are on our own unique journey while we are in our physical form. Using knowledge from a medium to fantasize about a reunion is not healthy. This is a misuse of the information and should not be considered.

Messages from those in Spirit should help us continue our relationship with a loved one. Our relationship has changed from a physical and spiritual one to an exclusively spiritual one. However, we can learn many lessons and grow from the new perspective of a spiritual relationship. An ongoing dialogue with a loved one in Spirit can be joyful and can assist in exploring or resolving issues that were not settled in life.


Other healing modalities can provide healing from a loss, but the type and extent of the healing will be based on the parameters and range of the healing art considered. Some of these modalities include meditation, Reiki, Pranic healing, or traditional spiritual practices such as prayer. There are too many healing practices to list here, but each of these practices have value.


Whether you decide to use a medium or other type of healing modality, you should privately research the practice and/or the person you are considering hiring. Secondly, you will want to get references from others about the results they received. Third, the practitioner should have their rates, refund policy, and expectations published before you engage them.

These practices are not unlike any other professional in any given field. The good ones are transparent with their work and will do their best to give you a service which is of high quality. Finally, respect your own intuition and use it to find the right person to assist you.


It is not uncommon for people in grief or in need of receiving healing to “dabble” with many different practices before they settle on the one or ones they find effective for their needs. You may have a fear factor that needs to be resolved before you are willing to try something different from your personal belief system. It is not uncommon for some people to believe that certain esoteric practices are evil.

Getting out of your comfort zone usually occurs when you are ready for something different. You may try traditional techniques until the results are unsatisfactory or not felt at all. People are usually willing to try new methods of healing when other forms are not working. It is okay to try something different, but it should be done with a clear mind and not from any form of force or desperation.

When you are comfortable that a new form of modality may be helpful to you, you should feel you are safe and use a practitioner who is professional and has a good track record. Usually, there are no specific standards for mediums or other types of healers. If there is a certification of some sort, it is an indication the practitioner is attempting to be authentic.


When choosing a medium or another healing modality, you must consider your needs and expectations. You need to be prepared to receive nothing and realize that you are taking a chance you may not receive the results you desired. The chance you are taking, however, could change your life for the better and give you healing and the closure you have sought after a trauma or loss.

John Cappello has been a practicing psychic medium for over 25 years. If you are interested in booking a session please go to to submit a request.

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