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Will I Find Love in 2021?

The question, “Will I find love?” is a natural one, especially if you feel a lack of affection or companionship in your life. The answer is not simple because there are many factors that you need to consider before a partner or lover comes into your life. Love is everywhere if you are open to it, but there are at least three areas that should be proactively considered including: self-examination, creating reasonable expectations, and creating an environment for love to come to you.


The first step to a healthy relationship is knowing and accepting who you are as a person. Valuing yourself is a quality that will attract positive people to you. You may want to think about your likes and dislikes, lifestyle, attitudes on various issues, and your aspirations and goals in life. These considerations will help you discover the type of person you want in your life.

Seeking a partner who shares your beliefs is usually helpful because you will be able to bond with someone who has a common perspective. However, your willingness to learn about others is another good quality to have when seeking companionship. Sometimes, a partner who does not share your perspective but who is open-minded may be best for you if you are open-minded as well.

Your self-evaluation may indicate that you may need to make some changes in your attitude or behavior. A hard look at YOU and discovering that you may be the obstacle in the way of having a successful relationship can be a key for future success. Love can be found in 2021, but you can help it out by being honest with yourself.

If you are going to do a self-analysis, it is important not be overly critical. You are a good person, but you may want to review past relationships or get honest information from others. The people in whom you confide need to be those who have your best interest in mind.

You must believe that you are lovable before you start looking for a relationship. If you do not, it is difficult to expect another person to love you. Distance yourself from people who may have treated you negatively in the past. Let go of self-doubt and feelings of unworthiness that may have been the result of emotional abuse from past relationships. They should not be carried into a potentially healthy one…because a healthy relationship is what you want to attract! Sometimes you must change the people around you before genuine love can come to you.

A change in your attitude can do wonders for your quest to find love. Your positive attitude is attractive, and others will want to be with you. If you are negative and closed-minded, it is more difficult to find a partner or create an interest in you.

Setting Your Expectations

You may want to find love in 2021, but you must realize that, if love does not come to you exactly when you want it, the world is not over. It is dangerous to settle for the first person that shows an interest in you if they are not truly a good fit for you. You should feel attracted to your love interest, but do not be fooled by shining wrappers if you get signals that they are not genuine. You may think that it is “love” when in fact it is just a fleeting infatuation fueled by the need for companionship and attention. It is important to watch for red flags and make sure not to ignore them if they appear.

Your actual knight in shining armor or princess may not be exactly the best looking, richest, or most talented person. He or she may be a good person who is stable, has a positive outlook in life, and shares your interests. Most importantly, this person needs to have respect for you and treat you as an equal.

There are no exact formulas for the right person to come along, but it is important to realize that your other half will have some faults. You have some faults as well, so it is necessary to strike a balance between seeking perfection and obtaining a high quality of life with someone who best suits you.

Understanding that your partner will ultimately be someone who gets you (and you get them) is the real magic you seek when looking for love. The outer shell is not as important as the inner person who resides in it. This may be the greatest expectation of all.

Creating the Right Environment

It is essential for you to be positioned for love to find you in 2021. You cannot expect for love to suddenly appear if you just go to work and come home every night! It is possible that the person next door is perfect for you, but unless you are proactive for cupid’s arrow to strike, you cannot be a target!

Making positive changes to your life and habits can bridge the gap. Consider your wardrobe, grooming, routine, place you frequent, and the people in your life. Maybe you have always wanted to pick up a new hobby, eat healthier, exercise more, stop smoking, or change your hairstyle. They all can make a difference. However, make only the changes that make you feel positive about yourself. Do not change who you are to attract someone. It will not result in a true connection. The worst thing you can do is become fake because authenticity is a critical element to finding true love.

Some people move to a place where socializing is easier, or they join a group where there are like-minded individuals. Others change jobs or decide not to work long hours so they can improve their quality of life. Love can come to you in 2021, and a change in environment may be one of the ways to facilitate it.

The people you have in your life is important as well. Individuals around you who only see the negative are not helpful in finding love. Love is a positive energy, and it seeks those who are open to it.


Finding love in 2021 is a good New Year’s resolution, but it is a little more complicated than just setting it as a goal. You must be an active participant by evaluating your situation and discovering areas that you can improve to allow love to find you. Self-exams, setting expectations, and creating an environment for someone to come into your life are elements necessary to it make it happen.

You must be honest with yourself and interact with others. It is okay to be picky because you deserve the best possible person for you. Do not sell yourself short by just going with a “pretty face” who is not the best fit OR someone you are not truly attracted to because they are “okay.” Being honest with yourself means choosing someone who is compatible and who chooses you because there is a soul connection between you.

Dating is a sorting process. There are no exact formulas for success. It is good to be friends with your life partner because love is a bonus that creates a strong bond. The wait is worth the trouble of meeting many people and learning about the different perspectives that others have in life.

You may learn that you do not want the things you thought because reality may be different that your perspective. Dating is an exercise of self-discovery and figuring out your best course of action takes some trial and error. Sometimes, ending a relationship that is not serving you is necessary to allow a better one to come along.

The changes that you need to make may not be possible, but if you can do little things to help your situation, it can help. If you must go online and join a dating service, it is a start, and this approach can be successful. These services may be the only thing at your disposal, so they are worth a try.

It is okay to call a psychic or have your Astrological chart read to help you with insight in finding love for you. The abilities of people outside of your world can be helpful. You may be amazed at the accuracy metaphysics can have in this area, but you must choose your advisor wisely.

Finally, the question, “Will I find love in 2021?” remains a mystery. It will involve a little work and patience on your part because impulsive actions can have dire consequences. You deserve love and a happy life. Just have patience and know that the best things in life are often worth waiting for!

John Cappello is a natural psychic medium and astrologer. For more information or to book an appointment go to

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