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Pregnancy During COVID 19 Times

As if pregnant moms do not have enough to worry about while being pregnant, the added issue of the COVID-19 pandemic has added another concern. Moms are looking at their due dates and hoping that the “all clear” will be announced before the blessed day of birth. The best advice from one expectant mom was to be flexible in these times.

Flexibility by moms is a good approach because firm plans can change at any time. Maternity wards are separated from the general hospital, but that does not mean this sneaky virus cannot make a sudden appearance. Protocols are constantly being reviewed and modified to help keep everyone safe during births.

One of these changes is that dads are not being allowed in the birthing area to witness their child coming into the world. Moms may have to be alone during birth according the rules of the hospital. Most dads will be sad that they will not be participating in the miraculous moment of birth while some may prefer pacing in the waiting room rather than witnessing!

A term that didn’t’ even exist a few months ago, social distancing, has now become the norm. It applies in the birthing rooms as well. Testing expectant moms before they enter the hospital and the use of PPE has taken on new meaning, and the lack of PPE for dads is one of the reasons they are not being allowed to participate. However, there are many reasons hospitals are limiting access to mom during the moment of birth, and the rules are changing every day.

Being flexible and prepared is wise due to the nature of this pandemic. No mom can know what the status of virus will be or her level of vulnerability when her new baby arrives. In addition to a practice runs to the hospital, her preparation may need to be bolstered by having some PPE in the car or taking other smart precautions before the potentially stressful moments heading to the hospital. Checking with the hospital regarding their current policy is also a good idea.

Pregnant moms must continue to pay attention to the advice of their doctor and health care professionals. In addition, they need to ask more questions about any additional procedures or advice for them while being pregnant. Safely bolstering their immune system may be one of the issues worth discussing.

Protecting the baby from the virus happens after birth, and measures to keep them healthy are being implemented. Early release from hospitals for mom and baby are more frequent. It would not be a surprise if midwives will be utilized at home in the future.


The pandemic is changing our society like many other “shocks” it has endured in recent years. We are learning to be more mindful in so many areas. Paying attention to our surroundings and washing our hands more to protect against germs is not that high a price to pay for living a positive life. There may be many good things to come from this period.

When it became a requirement for cars to have seatbelts and unlawful if we refused to wear them, it was a huge change for people. Now, for most of us, it is just automatic. Some people continue to resist this simple action while traveling, and some people will refuse to adjust to the new practical changes we will need to make for safety’s sake.

Keeping an open mind, being flexible, being prepared, and listening to their physician may be the best advice for expecting moms.

What to do next?

Enjoy this happy time and try not to be stressed about things you cannot control. Maybe it would be good to ponder, “Is Covid a boy’s or girl’s name?”

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